Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Dose of Cleaning Cheerfulness to Brighten Today's Chores

Here's a wonderful email from Debra that I just received. It brightened my day, and I wanted to share it with all of you!


I just love love love your site still,always something new and learn soo much. Just want to thank you for your time.
Happy Dance when I'm cleaning......Have a very cleanful day,


Awww, shucks, thanks Debra! Glad to know you're still having fun while you're doing your cleaning. See everyone - cleaning doesn't HAVE to be miserable. Turn on your favorite tunes, and get to it - a few minutes for a cleaning burst might even BRIGHTEN a gloomy mood. Give it a try! It's obviously working for Debra...

Two Simple and Unconventional Ways to Keep Your Dishcloths Clean and Fresh Smelling

Yick. I can't imagine anything yuckier smelling than a musty old dishcloth. It just fills the kitchen with a nasty odor.

No more stinky dishcloths, guaranteed! I just posted my two favorite dishcloth cleaning tips over on the Household Hints Blog. Enjoy no more stinky, downright offensive dishcloths, slobbos!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yes, Slobs CAN Grow A Houseplant or Two - Practically Un-killable Houseplants for Happy Slobs

This is still one of my favorite pages on the Happy Slob Site: Houseplants that Even I Can Grow!. Probably because I have a reputation as a true brown thumb - plants tend to whither up and die when I just look at them, for heaven's sake! But, these suggestions are fantastic...

5 Ways to Naturally Deodorize and Freshen Your Home - New Article Posted

Just for all of my Happy Slob Housecleaning readers, I've just written a new article on how to freshen and deodorize your home -- naturally! Take a look: http://www.happyslob.com/homefresh.html

This is also in response to a few questions about this very subject - how to get your home smelling great naturally. Hope this helps all of you.

Friday, July 13, 2007

How to Clean Soap Scum from Tubs and Tiles with No Scrubbing

A very cool tip sent in by Happy Slob Housecleaner, Linda:

"I use baking soda and liquid fabric softener to remove soap scum from our showers and tubs. Dampen the rag, sprikle on the soda and then dip it into a small bowl of fabric softener. Scum comes right off no hard scrubbing needed!!"

If you guys would prefer a non-chemical type of tip, I would try this very same thing, only using pure white vinegar instead of the fabric softener. :) Might need to scrub a WEE little bit, but still a fantastic way to clean the tub. Thanks Linda, for the idea!