Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Roomba Robotic Vacuum - Dream Cleaning

It might not look like much from this photo but I have to admit, having a Roomba robotic vacuum seems absolutely dreamy to me. Setting this little thing off to clean and suck up dirt and muck, while I sit around and read a book. Lovely!

What do you guys think? Does anyone have one? Would it be worth buying one?

Today: Declutter your Bag

Ready, set...go to it! When you're done, come report back and tell us all how many pieces you de-junked from your bag, backpack, briefcase, whatever. Try not to get sidetracked and just get rid of the junk that's loading you down - literally - every day.

Dishwasher Detergent for Socks? I Kid You Not...Whiter Socks

It's true! Dishwasher detergent (for electric dishwashers) in liquid form is a powerful stain remover, especially for socks. Use only on white socks, as it has some serious bleaching action too. More whitening laundry tips at: