Tuesday, October 31, 2006

That's It: No More Ironing...I'm Searching for a Great Fabric Steamer Instead

I'm on the hunt. I've decided that the real solution to my ironing woes (read about how other Happy Slobs concur with my utter hatred of ironing in this old post: I Hate Ironing - and Other Happy Slobs Do To-- it's a classic post with comments that I LOVE!) is to find a great fabric steamer.

Just think! No more nasty, cranky ironing boards to contend with ever again. All I'll need to do - if I can find one of these elusive creatures - is to hang the garment up, steam it all over and then wear it. Voila! Easy as pie, and far better for my state of happiness than lugging around the ironing board and iron. Sure, it won't give crisp edges, but it WILL get out the wrinkles, of that I'm sure! And that's all that really matters to me.

I know, I know - some of you actually ENJOY ironing. :) I'm glad. I wish I was one of the Ironing Lovers of this world, but I'm simply not. I hate ironing, and you can tell. (Oops, did I let that slip? Yes, sometimes my clothes are apparently wrinkly...) So, I'm searching for a great fabric steamer. If any of you own one and love it, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll search on my own and post as soon as I find a great steamer!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Take it in Stride - Cleaning Tips that Won't Overwhelm You

Some days, your cleaning just doesn't happen like you had hoped. And some days, your life is in the way, and that floor simply won't get mopped like you'd planned.

What should you do? :) Accept it!

While I've been sick with the flu, I can barely tidy up, let alone do any REAL cleaning. So, if you're sick of life comes flying in your face (we all know THAT can happen...) simply accept it, and carry on with your good new cleaning routines as soon as you possibly can.

Don't beat yourself up over it - it wastes far too much energy and time.

Take care all,

Keep Toothbrushes Fresh and Clean (and Free of Sickness-Causing Germs)

:) Yes, this is info you need to know: Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Keep Toothbrushes Clean

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Handy Tip to Keep Dishcloths Nice and Fresh (Not Sour and Stinky Smelling)

This is a tip I've been using for years, and I recommend it to everyone at the kitchen shop where I work. To keep your dish cloths nice and fresh and clean (without needing to bother with bleaching) try this: wash your dishcloths in the dishwasher! Place them on the top rack, using a cup or small plate against the cloth to leverage it and keep it lodged securely in place.

Run the dishwasher as normal, adding whatever detergent you normally would. Every time you un-load the dishwasher, remove the nice clean and fresh dish cloth and put your dirty one in with the dirty dishes. You'll have a revolving system of two dishcloths, and you'll never have to worry about bleaching them clean again! And you'll find that they smell nice and fresh - never sour and stinky.

:) I recommend this idea to people all the time -- try it once, and I know you'll be hooked.

The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning is available NOW: http://www.happyslob.com/buythebook.html

Boo Hoo, I'm Sick :(

Let's just say that my poor immune system is taking a battering lately - I'm sick once again, and this time it's a real nasty old flu. :( Just wanted to let all of you regulars know why I've been so surprisingly quiet as of late. The past few days I haven't felt too great, but then today I'm really dizzy along with it, and have decided that the best place for me right now is tucked in bed until I really start getting better.

:) Lovely emails are always gratefully accepted!
Hope all of you are doing well.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Helpful Cleaning Hints from Readers - Clean with Baby Wipes

a hint for all with young children......
If your child happens to get into your lipstics and "paint" the walls and carpet for you, use Baby Wipes it works a treat.

Submitted by Sandy

Another cleaning tip for wipes: I had purchased a large box of Wet Naps - you know, those lemon scented wipes that some restaurants seem to pass out when you've finished a meal. Anyway, I had all sorts of them around and discovered that these are GREAT for wiping down the counter...and especially great for getting sinks shiny! I used a Wet Nap for wiping down the kitchen sink and it absolutely sparkled after! :) A great tip if you have a collection of these too and aren't entirely sure what to do with them...from Christina (the Happy Slob)

Readers Tips - Use Baking Soda to Clean Glass Top Stoves

Everyone says vinegar for this, but I found baking soda works best and was suprised to see it wasn't on your list.

Those brown rings you get on sealed glass stove tops. You know, the ones nothing really gets off. Baking soda and water and the tips of your fingers work best, Use vinegar AFTER that to get all the baking soda dust and make the surface streak free. It will look brand spanking new.

I just had to mention it.

_Submitted by Heather_

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stain Removal from Carpets - Using Hydrogen Peroxide

This is an amazing little carpet cleaner, all in one compact (and cheap!) little bottle you can buy at any grocery store or drug store. It is - hydrogen peroxide.

I have pale colored carpets (sort of an oatmeal-beigey color) and when I poured a capful of full strength hydrogen peroxide on the carpet stains, and then let it sit for a few minutes - I automatically saw the stain start to disappear. Before I even scrubbed!

Now, here is my new secret trick that I discovered entirely by mistake - use an old eletric toothbrush to scrub that stain into nothingness. I had an old electronic toothbrush that I didn't like, and I thought - "Might as well give it a try here." It worked great! It did all the scrubbing work for me...and totally removed the stain.

Please be sure to always do a spot test with hydrogen peroxide on a small, hidden area of your carpet so that you'll be sure it doesn't make the color of your carpet run. I only suggest this on pale colored carpets. :) But if you have light carpets like me, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how well hydrogen peroxide gets out even really old carpet stains!

One more thing -- after I finished pouring on the peroxide and scrubbing it, I then sprayed some regular water on top and placed a clean towel (or paper towel) on top and put something weighted on top of that. It helps to soak up all the liquid, and the lingering remnants of the stain as well.

Happy Slob Quiz o' the Day: How Often Do You Vaccuum?

So, fess up slobbos - how often do you REALLY vaccuum the house? Please post a comment with your answer!

Cleaning a Grill or Raclette

So, have you guys seen a Raclette? Do you know what it is? :) At the kitchen shop I work in, we're selling tons of them - a raclette is basically a party grill. It takes the concept of fun, sociable cooking from fondue and adds a grilling element - it all adds up to a really fun evening.

But, indoor grills and Raclettes can be difficult to clean. Swissmar, which produces the Raclette that we sell, also sells little cleaning brushes that are specifically designed to clean the grooves of the grill - I would recommend trying a special brush like that for your indoor grills too.

Generally, a bit of soapy water on the grill, then allowed to sit for a little while, will help loosen grease and gunk that has collected. Enjoy your grilling!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

House Cleaning Tips - Cleaning Lampshades

Hey everyone,

:) Today I was looking at the lamp sitting on my nightstand and decided that it had been too long since I'd cleaned it! Using a upholstery attachment on the vacuum (yes, the new one that actually WORKS! Yippee!), I went to work. It worked great. Thought I'd share this easy way to perk up your old lamps - because lampshades are one of those things we just don't always remember to clean.

http://www.happyslob.com - The Happy Slob's Home on the 'Net

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Crazy Tip that Works - Remove Grease Stains with Toothpaste

A loyal reader sent in a household hint that I just HAD to share with all of you. :) She successfully used some whitening toothpaste to remove a really nasty, stubborn grease stain from her daughter's sweatshirt...read how she did it: http://householdhints.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 08, 2006

More Information on Cleaning up Pet Accidents

Right, so here I am writing again about cleaning up pet accidents, because for some reason my poor little kitties have a bit of an issue with this. :( Not exactly fun for me either, but I think I've finally figured out why they continue to wet in one area, near their litter box.

Cats and dogs too for that matter, have extremely sensitive little noses, meaning that once they've had an accident somewhere, it sort of smells like home to them. Or at least the toilet. And, they think that means a green light to continue peeing or pooing anywhere around there that they so choose!

I purchased a bottle of Home Thymes Mandarin Coriander All-Purpose Cleaner, having read that natural citrus essential oils are something cats naturally hate. (I've seen this firsthand by the disgusted looks on their faces when I peel an orange and the strong-scented oils from the peel naturally sort of squirt all over the place.) I thought THIS would finally be the solution to my pet's mis-directions when they're using the potty.

:) And guess what? I think it is! I recommend this cleaner even if you DON'T have pets with problems aiming. (Or don't have pets at all.) I liked it because it contains natural ingredients, real mandarin, lemon and orange essential oils and a great scent that lingers nicely. (Not overwhelming, but definitely adds a nice scent to whatever room you use it in.)

I'll keep you up to date on whether this stuff really does the trick! A bottle cost me $9.99 here in Canada...as a PS -- yesterday at work a lady bought some of the Kumquat Lime home spray & hand lotion, so I thought I'd mention that everyone was going NUTS about how great that happened to smell! Here's some more info on those if you'd like to check it out:

Home Thymes Kumquat Lime Hand Lotion

Home Thymes Kumquat Lime Home Fragrance Mist Room Spray

How to Get Super Shiny Faucets

The simple way to the shiniest, cleanest faucets and taps -- plain white vinegar, undiluted. Just pour a little onto your cleaning cloth (I love microfiber cloths the best) and use straight up.

Remember that a lot of unusual gunk gets stuck around the faucets and the sink. An old toothbrush (which should be in your cleaning kit anyway) or another thin cleaning brush will make quick work of removing that. Just spray with Vinegar spray and let sit for a few minutes before working all that gunk and grime away. (I've found that cleaning brushes meant for cleaning out turkey basters are a great additional cleaning tool! This is a good use for those...they're long, thin cleaning brushes. Great for hard to reach cleaning jobs!)

How Suze and Ev Make $$$ with their Cleaning Business

You're a happy slob housecleaner, and lo and behold - the idea of a little extra money while doing some housecleaning doesn't seem as revolting to you anymore! For setting up a professional home cleaning business, I highly recommend Suze and Ev's guide on setting up a house cleaning business. They write in a fun and appealing way, and yet give you all of the tips you really need to get a business - as large or as small as you want - set up and successful from the very first day.

Click Here for Suze and Ev's Housecleaning Business Guide

Baking Soda Miracles - Cindy's Use for an Accident in the Car Seat

Thought everyone would really enjoy this amazing email I received last week from Cindy. Just LOOK at how great baking soda really is! It saved her an arm and a leg in cleaning costs (not to mention the hassle...)

Hi Christina,

One day after a long day at the fair my son (who refused to use the public washroom) fell asleep on the drive home. Well... the seat of the car was really, really soaked when we finally got home.

I didn't want to add water to send it further into the foam of the seat so I ran for the baking soda. I covered the wet area with over a half box of baking soda and waited until morning.

The next morning I vacuumed up the powder and believe it or not the smell and the stain were almost completely gone. I misted the area lightly with water and covered with baking soda again.

The smell and the stain were gone... like it never happened!


Baking soda uses directory, which I'm adding to all the time: http://www.happyslob.com/bakingsoda.html -- if you have a use that isn't listed, send it in to me! More household hints at http://householdhints.blogspot.com - enjoy!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Product Review: Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs with Dawn

Today's Product: Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs with Dawn

What it claims:

  • Cascade with ShineShield helps stop permanent etching damage before it can start. (Etching is the permanent cloudiness on the surface of glassware.)
  • With regular use and proper dosing, Cascade with Shine Shield neutralizes the harsh effects that can cause etching.
  • Fast acting formula activates on contact to quickly and easily clean tough grease
  • Works to clean even tough food stains and dried on food

What I found:

  • I LIKED this stuff. The funky little see-through packets contain a detergent layer and a clear bluish layer - that's the Dawn layer apparently. I found that it was most effective at getting my glasses cleaner and clearer, so their claims of helping with etching was TRUE. With time, it got better and better.
  • I didn't find these dishwashing detergent packets worked as well on the claims of cleaning even dried on food. I specifically tried to put some plates in the dishwasher that had some dried on food, and it got a little off, but definitely not all. I would still always recommend scrubbing that stuff off first. (But, I'm okay with that. I have yet to find a dishwasher detergent that really DOES get off all dried food matter from the dishes.)
  • I liked the convenience of this product...it's easy to just pop one of these little suckers into the dishwasher detergent compartment and be done with it. And let's be honest, sometimes cute products get our attention, and these little space age-like packets with their two layers are cool, and as cute as dishwasher packets can get!

My Happy Slob Housecleaning Rating (out of 5)

3.7/5 = 74%

Try it out for yourself, with this $1.50 off coupon: http://www.startsampling.com/sm/20483

There's a Difference in Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber is a Happy Slob Housecleaner's best friend. Well, along with vinegar and baking soda, that is!

But, it's one of those products that PAYS to PAY more. Well made microfiber cloths should be very absorbent and soft. What makes the difference? Cheaply made microfiber cloths don't have split fibers. You see, the split fibers are what makes the cloth so absorbent. Smaller fibers also make the microfiber cloth more effective as a cleaning tool around your home.

So, where can you find good microfiber cloths? Go to a store that you trust and ask what they like and use themselves. Or, go online and do some research...find out what people are using and loving and recommending to their friends.

Here are the best ones I managed to find; the ones I'm going to order for myself:

MysticMaid Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

If you find out more uses for the microfiber cloths that you'd like to share, email me - christina@happyslob.com

Using Vinegar and Baking Soda to Neutralize Pet Smells

Do you guys ever notice how many posts I make about pet oopsies? Well, let me explain why - I have two cats who tend to have a lot of poopsie oopsies and even hairball oopsies. Oh, and once in a while we face a 'bad aim' urine oopsie. Get my drift?

I've found one of the best ways to neutralize these areas after my kitties have done an oopsie is:

  • Well, first clean up the mess. That's obvious, right? I like using some natural dishwashing liquid on the stain, dampened with our Very Vinegar spray, and then scrubbed.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the entire area.
  • Spray some Vinegar on the area, on top of the baking soda.
  • Wipe up the entire area. You might need to do the vinegar step a couple of times to get all of the baking soda gritty feeling up off the floor.

I find that the combination of the baking soda and vinegar really works well to neutralize the smell in that area, so that my cats don't go back and continually make new messes in that place. :) Works like a charm.

Hey -- if you guys have any cleaning tips that have worked for you, or any comments at all, either post it here on the blog OR feel free to email me anytime: christina@happyslob.com . Thanks!

Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner - Make Your Own

Coolio, Julio! :) These are a few amazing little tricks to clean the mirrors in the bathroom so that they're 'fog resistant.' Meaning that you can check out your beautiful slobbo self the moment you emerge from your steaming shower!

Oh right, here's the link to de-fogging the bathroom mirrors:


Clean safely, slobbo pals. ;0)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Get Those Shoes Organized - Shoe Organizers

Shoes, shoes everywhere! If that's what your home looks like, then you'll love these hand chosen shoe organizers picked just for you. :) Some of them hold up to (gasp!) 60 pairs of shoes, so shoe lovers can indulge in their favorite pastime (shoe shopping, of course) and still have their homes look good.

The Biggie - Holds 60 Pairs of Shoes
Great for walk-in closets or other large storage areas

Shoe Away Organizer - Only $12.75
Hangs over any door - holds 30 pairs of shoes

Overdoor Canvas Shoe Organizer
Holds 20 pairs of shoes