Friday, October 27, 2006

Boo Hoo, I'm Sick :(

Let's just say that my poor immune system is taking a battering lately - I'm sick once again, and this time it's a real nasty old flu. :( Just wanted to let all of you regulars know why I've been so surprisingly quiet as of late. The past few days I haven't felt too great, but then today I'm really dizzy along with it, and have decided that the best place for me right now is tucked in bed until I really start getting better.

:) Lovely emails are always gratefully accepted!
Hope all of you are doing well.

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Kathleen said...

Hi Christina! Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. That is NO FUN!!! I'm sending happy thoughts and heartfelt prayers that you will soon be good as new! A big cyber ((HUG)) to you! Take care of yourself & FEEL BETTER!!! K :)