Monday, October 23, 2006

Helpful Cleaning Hints from Readers - Clean with Baby Wipes

a hint for all with young children......
If your child happens to get into your lipstics and "paint" the walls and carpet for you, use Baby Wipes it works a treat.

Submitted by Sandy

Another cleaning tip for wipes: I had purchased a large box of Wet Naps - you know, those lemon scented wipes that some restaurants seem to pass out when you've finished a meal. Anyway, I had all sorts of them around and discovered that these are GREAT for wiping down the counter...and especially great for getting sinks shiny! I used a Wet Nap for wiping down the kitchen sink and it absolutely sparkled after! :) A great tip if you have a collection of these too and aren't entirely sure what to do with them...from Christina (the Happy Slob)

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doran Roggio said...

An addendum to using Baby Wipes. I clean my makeup off with baby wipes in the evening. In the morning for a quick wipe or after a brisk walk I use a baby wipe to clean my face again. They are moist enough to do the job and the little bit of baby oil moisturizes just enough.

After cleaning my face with the baby wipe in the evening I run it over the bathroom counter, faucets and sink and they stay cleaner so much longer.

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