Saturday, April 02, 2011

Rubbermaid Reveal Mops - Swiffer Type Mop with Your Own Cleaning Solution

Hey all! You know what a pesky job it is to tackle any floor cleaning...for us happy slobs it's definitely not on our happiest to do lists. But, of course it's one of those tasks that just need to get done. So, here's an idea from another Happy Slob to all the rest of us... Donna C. wrote: "Have you seen the Rubbermaid Reveal mops? I read some bad customer reviews on amazon, but I am hoping that it was the customer's fault that they did not work. I bought one a couple of weeks ago at Target. The bottle can be removed and filled with your own cleaning solution and the mopping pads are microfiber and can be washed about 100 times. I am going to use up the rest of my Swiffer products and use the Reveal mop. (I bought it while it was on sale at Target.) I also found that Windex made some microfiber cloths that I believe can be used with my Swiffer sweeper instead of the more expensive dry floor "cloths" that Swiffer makes. Just wanted to pass this along in case you hadn't seen the Reveal mop." Thanks for the email, Donna! I hope other readers who have in fact tried the Reveal mop (I haven't) will give us their opinions too. E-mail me at if you have an opinion on this product to share! I love the idea that you can easily refill with your own homemade cleaning solutions - cheaper, easier for your health and the planet's. Guess what I'd recommend to fill the cleaning chamber with? Vinegar water of course! Add a squirt of natural dishwashing liquid if you like.

Oh right...and here's a link to the Reveal mop to check it out for yourself: