Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cleaning all Types of Floors, Cleaning Tips & Hints, and Caldrea Sea Salt and Neroli cleaner

No Hassle Housecleaning
for December 22, 2010
"House cleaning for the rest of us!"

Happy, Shiny Floors
The bane of all happy slobs is getting a floor - any floor - shiny and clean! Here are some helpful tips for a variety of floor surfaces. Once the floor is clean, the whole room automatically looks a lot better.

Help for Hardwood Floors
Cleaning Laminate Floors
Cleaning Tile Floors the Old Style Way
Cleaning Linoleum Floors

Cleaning Stuff I (and Others) Dream Of...
Guys also love this stuff, so if you want to encourage a little more dishwashing, consider this a helping hand! The Sea Salt Neroli scent is so amazing that one mom told me her grown son wished it came in a cologne. Hmmm...

Some other handy cleaning-ish tips of the day:
Today is a great time to dump the junk in your purse, slobbos!
Cleaning Stove Elements and Drip Trays
How to Get rid of Mold
Help for Pets Wetting the Carpets
How to Delegate Cleaning Tasks to Your Family (or Roommates)

The State of Your Handbag - It's Time to Clean out that Purse!

Yes, it's time again for one of our famous handbag hauls - as in, hauling out all of the inevitable junk that has accumulated in our purses! Dump the contents out and mercilessly chuck stuff away - just be sure to keep any required receipts for your files. (I've been known to get a little too enthusiastic and throw away a receipt I really should've kept!)

Okay, one, two three - dump! And then...declutter that purse until it looks brand new. Speaking of which, a little wipe down with some of our Very Vinegar spray on the outer surface (for synthetic surfaces) wouldn't go amiss either, since the germs that gather on the bottom of our handbags are some of the most plentiful.

Have a few extra minutes after that purse is shining and tidy? Then work on your wallets - a spot where receipts, coupons and snippings can seemingly procreate all on their own.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stain Removal Tips, Cleaning the Coffeemaker, and Getting Started Again

No Hassle Housecleaning Newsletter
for November 24, 2010

Removing hassle from your housecleaning, a tip at a time...Glad to have you visiting. Don't be shy now - feel free to post a comment about anything you read here on the blog or my site at

Stain Removal 101

For Coffee Lovers

  • Clean out that old coffeepot with these tips: Clean out the Coffeemaker. It'll make every cup taste fresher and more delicious, and that's what most of us want from a coffeemaker!

Oh Yes, it's Vinegar! Or...Do I Smell Pickles?

I could never deny my love of good old-fashioned white vinegar for cleaning around the home. It's cheap, it's effective and it smells like pickles! (Okay, maybe it's only me who sees that as a benefit...) Here are a few favorite ways to use this handy stuff around the home:

  1. To clean out a gunky, piddly showerhead
  2. To remove unpleasant odors from the air in your home (check out tip #4)
  3. Plus, 6 more ways to use vinegar to clean around the home, including to freshen the dishwasher, freshen musty old bread boxes, and removing pet odors from carpets. See, I told you this stuff was amazing...

Handy Posts to Get You Started...Or RE-Started

Fallen a bit off track with your No-Hassle Housecleaning plan? No sweat! Here's a post to reinvigorate your best efforts all over again. Take a big breath and just do a little cleaning today, and a little tomorrow and you'll amaze yourself with the culmination of your just getting up and trying.

  • The 3-Step Solution to Cleaning is at the very heart of No-Hassle Housecleaning, and it's also the best place to start today. Smile while you work, it won't hurt a bit.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Clogged Showerhead Solution - Vinegar Once Again to the Rescue

Clogged Showerheads No More!
Is that morning shower not as powerful and refreshing as it once was? Clogged showerhead holes are probably the culprit, but it's an easy fix.
Learn how some vinegar and a little patience will ail that elderly showerhead.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Newsletter: How to Clean Hardwood, Cleaning for Profit, and a Quirky Cleaning Tool

No Hassle Housecleaning Newsletter
for Monday, November 1, 2010
Hello and welcome to a fresh new way to read the No Hassle Housecleaning Newsletter - via blog! Ooh, aaaahh...this is about as revolutionary as I get, so I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And, this simpler and more condensed version should also be easier for you to navigate. We all win!
  • Cleaning Hardwood Floors - this is a very common question: "How do I clean my hardwood floors?" And thankfully, the answer is easier than you might imagine, as you'll learn at: How to Clean Hardwood Floors. Aptly named website page, isn't it?

  • Quirky Cleaning Tools: Toothbrushes - Yes, these underappreciated little scrubbers can do some pretty amazing things, so add one to your cleaning kit! Learn about the cleaning tricks a toothbrush can do.

  • Make Money Cleaning - We're all looking to up our income a little bit, whether due to a job loss or extra expenses. Cleaning is an easy and legitimate home business that can become quite lucrative! Read these articles for tips to help you get started: Cleaning Business Ideas (including niche markets like condo cleaning)

An urge to splurge...

And finally, a little splurge after you've done your evening cleaning burst, cleaned up that last lingering dish in the sink, and tucked the kids into bed. I've recently become a bit obssessed with Caldrea Hand Lotion. My personal favorite? The Ginger Pomelo, which smells unlike any lotion I've ever had the privilege to sniff...and I mean that in a really good way. Oh, right, and it also moisturizes beautifully, which I suppose is rather the point of a hand lotion. So, slather some on!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Handy Household Cleaning Tips and Hints using Borax

7 Household Cleaning Tips and Hints using Borax

Borax is amazingly versatile for cleaning, crafts and many other uses around the home. Here are a collection of tips, gathered from the website of 20 Mule Team Borax. Enjoy!

  1. Laundry stain remover - Add 1/2 cup to your regular load of laundry (along with the regular amount of detergent) to add a boost of stain removing power.
  2. Natural water softener for laundry - Adding 1/2 cup of Borax also naturally softens laundry water, meaning that your clothes will get cleaner with less effort! (I love that.)
  3. Soaking and washing delicate laundry - Dissolve 1/4 cup of Borax powder with 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent in a basin of warm water. Soak delicate laundry for 20 minutes, rinse with cool water and then blot dry with a towel. Let the delicates air dry.
  4. Clean the Bathroom - Use regular Borax powder as a substitute for other types of commercial cleansing powders. Great for tub and tile!
  5. Clean the toilet - sprinkle in 1/4 cup of Borax powder in the toilet and use the toilet brush to scrub that throne clean! It'll sparkle. For extra cleaning (or to remove stubborn stains) let the Borax soak in the toilet overnight and then clean the next morning.
  6. In the kitchen - Clean countertops with a sprinkle of Borax and a wet sponge or cloth. Also naturally freshens and deodorizes.
  7. In the dishwasher - Add 1/4 cup of Borax powder to the bottom of the dishwasher to get glasses cleaner, and remove spots. It'll also help to clean out the interior of the dishwasher itself.

5 Tips to a Clean, Fresh and Cozy Bed - Laundry Tips

5 Tips to a Clean, Fresh and Cozy Bed - Laundry Tips and More

At the end of a long day, a cozy, comfy bed feels like a sanctuary, the perfect place to throw yourself into and curl up with a great book. Here are a few tips to have a comfortable, clean and tidy bed without stressing out too much about the whole situation.
  1. Choose cotton sheets - fresh cotton sheets, billowing in the breeze. Now that is what a good set of cotton sheets should feel like! Cotton feels so good next to your skin - clean, and crisp. Cotton also cleans up beautifully - add about 1/2 cup of Borax or 1 cup of white vinegar to the load of sheets instead of harsh bleach if you want to keep those whites whiter.
  2. Keep bedding simple - on top of those lovely fresh cotton sheets, just layer on a great big fluffy duvet, complete with cover. (Really in my opinion, the fluffier the better, like this beauty: White Down Comforter ) Then, making the bed in the morning (when you SO don't feel like being bothered) is no big deal. You just straighten the sheets, and throw over the duvet. Add a few cute throw cushions and voila - you're done making beds for the day! (Keep these tips in mind for the junior slobbos in the household...the easier you can keep bedmaking for kids, the more likely they'll actually stick to it.)
  3. Freshen up linens naturally - Airing out your linens can be as simple as throwing back the duvet and opening the bedroom window wide! Or, if you have the weather and a line available, try drying sheets and other linens out in the fresh air. Nothing smells better.
  4. Spray the lavender - A natural lavender spray spritzed over your pillows before you snuggle in for the night is a perfect way to ease stress and tension, and ease you gently to sleep. (Did you know that real essential oil of lavender also eases stress and tension in pets? It's just an interesting tidbit I recently learned and wanted to pass along! Always check with your vet before trying any particular treatment.)
  5. Dewrinkle sheets without ironing - You know I'm not a fan of ironing. If you're also not fond of that steamy appliance, then set your handy timer again - but this time to make sure you know the moment the dryer is done drying your sheets. If you remove sheets as soon as they're done drying, and fold them immediately, then your linens should look nice and crisp - MINUS the ironing! If you didn't catch them in time and the sheets are a wrinkled mess, don't despair. Just spritz with a bit of water and toss them in the dryer for a few minutes to dewrinkle them and then fold them.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kitchen Cleaning Tips - Scrub Down Those Appliances, Too

The appliances we so love in our kitchens - yes, you lovely stainless kettle, I'm talking to you - can become grungy and dirty over time. So, next time you're doing a quick cleaning burst or are doing a focus room cleaning in the kitchen, take a few of those precious allotted minutes to scrub down the appliances in your kitchen!

This includes both large appliances - like stove, fridge and dishwasher - and also the small appliances you rely on day in and day out, such as that kettle I so love, the coffeemaker, toaster, etc.

I find that a good scrubby sponge really helps with this task. Baking soda can add a little cleaning muscle to a regular soapy water mixture that will clean simply, but effectively. And if you notice that you're running out of time (remember your timer, slobbos!), then just aim to clean one or two appliances each time you're cleaning in the kitchen anyway. Over time, the whole kitchen will look better for it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is Life Feeling out of Control? The 3 Steps Helps

Is life feeling really out of control at the moment? Busy with work, kids, responsibilities and family obgligations? It's okay, we all feel a little (a LOT!) overwhelmed sometimes. And that's when it seems like our homes really take the brunt of that frustration.

Let's get back to basics, and the whole idea that started off No Hassle Housecleaning/The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning, and that is just three simple steps, two of which you'll do daily and the last one just once a week or so. Easy, shmeezy.

1. Cleaning bursts: quick 'bursts' of cleaning in the major areas of your home (ie: the areas you see and live in the most)
2. Focus room cleaning:
3. (And this one isn't even every day!) Clean for alls, when you tackle larger cleaning jobs once a week or so.

Take a big breath, let out all that guilt you feel for those piles of clutter accumulating, and take time to read these posts that give you more information what I like to call the 3 Step Solution to Cleaning. It'll make your life feel more in control again, and I certainly hope it'll ease some of your stress.

Posts and Articles about the 3-Step Solution to Cleaning: - a touching email from one reader, who really knew nothing about how to clean

Enjoy reading, all! And PS - I've missed you guys!

Friday, July 30, 2010

For other Writers - The original press release

I just came across this on the site and thought - "Wow, when I first wrote that, I'm not sure I ever really thought I'd get my book published. But look at how's it all worked out!" Using the internet to get the attention of big publishers is a great way to stand out. If you're curious, and/or are dreaming of publishing a book one day, check out the original press release I wrote in 2006 at

And keep writing! :)

The Simplest Alternative to Dishwasher Detergent

I'm keeping it a have to see which common household cleaning ingredient can be used instead of traditional dishwasher detergent powder at: An Alternative to Dishwasher Detergent

PS. On the same page are also a few hints submitted by a reader about other ways to use dishwasher detergent...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gloomy Rainy Days - Perfect for Cleaning

Today is a seriously gloomy, rainy sky day. (In fact, I just read online that we're expecting up to 100 mm of rain here in Calgary!) So, it's time to grab my little cleaning kit and handy timer and get to it. Sometimes the gloom outside provides the perfect backdrop for a little extra cleaning...

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

How long do Dyson cleaners really last?

I need your opinions, guys. How long do Dyson vacuum cleaners really last? For our next cleaner, I wouldn't mind saving up for one of these suckers, but I really need convincing that it's worth the extra cost. If you have a Dyson, how long have you had it? it really true that it doesn't lose its suction over time?

Vacuums - the one appliance you really WANT to suck. :)

Remove a Toxic Cleaner - Take on Baking Soda to Scrub, Scrub, Scrub those Surfaces

Here's an easy way to remove one more toxic/chemical cleaner from your home. And yes, it's also painless! Simply stop using chemical scrubby cleaners and replace them with good old baking soda. You'll be surprised that baking soda works incredibly well - a sprinkle or two, and a good scrubby sponge for scrubbing action, and you're off!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Cleaning With Cornstarch - Cleaning Windows Formula

See, cleaning with cornstarch isn't so crazy after all... Connie's mother has been using it to clean her windows with for years! Here's reader Connie's email, with the SECRET formula recipe:

"My mother's window cleaning (also mirrors etc) equal parts white vinegar, non-sudsy ammonia and water and add 1 or 2 tablespoons cornstarch."

I've also been doing some research into corn starch, and why it's such an incredible substance. For one thing, it's excellent for soaking up grease or oil spills. (Man, wish I'd known that about a week ago when I had a lovely HUGE bottle of olive oil fall down from a shelf and land in an oily puddle all across the kitchen floor. Ugh.)

And...corn starch is, obviously, a starch. So, if you (unlike most of us Happy Slobs) are an ironing fan, then corn starch is an excellent way to get a crisp, starchy finish to items like white shirts or cotton bed linens and sheets.

Start with about 1/2 tablespoon of corn starch in 1 cup of cold tap water. Add slowly to fully dissolve the cornstarch in the cold water. Use as you would any starch spray.

Who knew, right? Here we thought it was just a great gravy thickener - shows us.

Anyone have any other tips using cornstarch to clean? Post them in a comment or email them to me at Happy cleaning, all!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cleaning Windows: Sue's Homemade Window Cleaning Formula

Hello! Just got back from vacation on Saturday, and I've missed posting to all of you. So, to break the quiet spell, here's a homemade cleaning formula from a No Hassle Housecleaning reader named Sue that seems very appropos since we're all beginning to think of (gasp!) spring cleaning. And that means actually being able to SEE out our windows again after a winter of grime build-up.

Homemade Window Cleaner
Sue writes: "I don't know where I found this recipe but it works great."
All you need is a spray bottle, large enough to hold 3 cups of liquid.
you mix 1 cup. of non sudsy ammonia, 1 cup. of rubbing alcohol, and 1 cup. of tap water. Give it a shake and you are ready. grab some newspaper and go.

Thanks Sue! I've heard that in formulas like this one that you can also add a few drops of blue food coloring, to ensure that everyone in the family knows it's a cleaner. Safety first! For everyone else, here are some gentler alternatives (without ammonia) for squeaky clean windows.

Using Dawn Soap to Clean Windows
No Streak Homemade Glass Cleaner (This one has a strange mystery ingredient...)
10 Uses for Old Newspapers - Including Washing Windows
5 Surprising Cleaners - Including Club Soda for Cleaning Glass

Very Vinegar Cleaner
We can never forget our favorite little all-purpose cleaner, which is also a true powerhouse when it comes to cleaning windows. The Very Vinegar Cleaner is basically 1 part white vinegar in a clean spray bottle, topped up with 3 to 4 parts of distilled water or fresh tap water. A little squirt of Dawn dishwashing liquid would give it some extra degreasing power, as would some drops of lemon essential oil. This cleaner is an all-time favorite of mine, and it costs only cents per bottle. Which makes cheapo me a very happy cleaner indeed.

Armed and Ready for...Scrubbing
So, with a little 'clarity' on window washing (oh dear, I just couldn't help myself) you can arm yourself with knowledge, the tools for the job...and then face this task head on. As always -- don't go at it alone! Get family or friends to help whenever possible.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Had an "Eek" Moment - Cleaning out the Fridge Reminder

So, we're going away to visit family on Friday, and I've been on a tear to get our apartment ship-shape before we go. (Or, you know, as ship-shape as can be, keeping in mind our No Hassle Housecleaning sensibilities.)

I'd been putting off one particularly nasty household chore. Cleaning out the fridge. Never a favorite chore of mine, especially when it's really overdue and the produce has had ample opportunity to morph into some other biological form. (THAT was my "eek" moment I described in the title...I'm pretty sure that black blob had been half an onion at some earlier point in its existence. I will not describe it any further except to say that it prompted me to say things like: "Ugh," "Blarech," "Repulsive!" and other murmured noises of disgust.)

Now It's YOUR Turn
Okay...grab that trusty timer and set it for about 10-15 minutes to allow ample time to remove everything, get rid of the morphed produce, and long forgotten Rubbermaid containers of leftovers, and spray the inside down with Very Vinegar cleaner. If there's hard to remove gunk on the bottom, use a generous sprinkling of plain baking soda and a scrubby sponge. It should wipe away with a little elbow grease. Wipe everything down, put back the good stuff into the fridge - and voila (hey look, more French!) - a gorgeous fridge that you actually want to open. Your family and friends will be amazed at your domestic abilities, my friends!

Have a few extra minutes to spend?
Okay then, you brave souls. Take those few extra moments and declutter the surface of the fridge. I end up with photos of friends and family, recipes, coupons all posted to the front of the fridge. Having a few mementoes is nice, but when you can't see the surface of the appliance any more, well, you know it's time for a quick and painless decluttering session. You can also give the outside of the refrigerator a good wipe down while you're at it. There! Look at all you've accomplished today.

Linda's Helpful Cleaning Tips Using Avon's Skin so Soft

I received a wonderful email the other day from a No Hassle Housecleaning reader named Linda. She had some tips to tell me about, and she gave me permission to pass these tips along to all of you. Some of them involve using Avon's Skin So Soft for cleaning, and one is a great tip to remove stubborn odors from your home.

Enjoy, everyone, and huge thanks to you again Linda. :) Your emails always make me smile.

Here's a link to my other website which has a listing of over 100 uses for this amazing stuff: P.S. Please post a comment and let all of us know how YOU use Skin So Soft! I'll try to post it on the Skin So Soft page.


  1. Add a nicer scent to your Skin So Soft -- Linda is a lavender fanatic, too! "One of my other favorite things is Avon Skin-so-Soft, the original fragrance. I have a little spray bottle of it, too, that I refill from the large bottle, and although I love the fragrance, I add some lavender to it, too."
  2. Dust your furniture with Skin So Soft - "I've been using is to use it on my wood furniture, as it dusts, cleans, and makes it smell good. I don't use the one with the lavender, though, on my wood, as I'm afraid it might hurt the finish on the wood." Lavender oil (the real essential oil, not an imitation fragrance oil) should be safe on most wooden surfaces. However, always test a little area first to make sure you don't damage your beloved furniture pieces.
  3. Use it on Formica - "I use it on my formica with the oil--no, I don't hate granite, but I do have one formica that looks like marble with grain in it! Using this really makes the formica shine and the room smell good, especially in the bathroom."
  4. Use ammonia to rid burnt smells from microwave - "You may know this hint, but I was making some hummingbird food for my feeder, and my husband called me outside for a minute--out of sight, out of mind, until I smelled this horrible sweet smell and ran back into kitchen filled with smoke and SWEET smell! I called an environmental cleaning place to see if they could help me with a "home remedy," and the lady told me that she had just had her microwave catch on fire a few weeks ago, so she put out bowls of ammonia all around the room, and it just absorbed the odor! I tried it in my kitchen, den, and dining room, all one big room, and in about 3 days the smell was GONE!" You guys know I'm not a huge fan of bleach due to the ammonia contained in it. BUT, if you really need to get rid of odors, it appears that this will do the trick. Just make sure to keep the rooms well ventilated, and don't try this home remedy if you have athsma or other breathing problems. Otherwise, try open containers of white vinegar. (P.S. Linda also says it's wonderful for getting rid of powerful smoke odors.)

Oooops...there goes the timer! Have to grab some lovely, fresh smelling clothes from the dryer. Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone, and as always feel free to contact me at with your helpful tips, questions, or ideas. I love your emails. Au revoir for now! (I'm trying -- trying -- to learn French, so you might have to bear with me and my silly attempts for a while. hehe)

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Simplest Cleaning Formula You'll Ever Make: Squirt Squirt Cleaner Recipe

Ahhh, yes...making your own cleaners. It sounds like a real 'mother of the earth' type project, doesn't it? But, making a simple homemade cleaner is a breeze. This is the simplest of all cleaning recipes, so give it a try to replace chemical-filled cleaners. The Squirt, Squirt Cleaner is basically a good all-purpose cleaner for around the home.

Squirt Squirt Cleaner - No Hassle Housecleaning Recipe
* Distilled water (or tap water, in a pinch)
* A natural dishwashing liquid soap (the link I chose is a lavender type - hurray! I have a wee addiction to the purple stuff.)
* A plastic spray bottle (that has never contained chemicals or other nasty stuff)
* Optional: lavender or tea tree essential oils.

Quite simply, add a squirt of two of the liquid dishwashing soap, and then fill nearly to the top with the distilled water. Gently shake to combine (gently now, or else you'll be overcome by bubbles.) This is a mild and effective soapy cleaner that is really easy to use, easy on the health of your family, and easy on the wallet, by George!

You can get a little fancier with your homemade cleaning creation by adding a few drops of either lavender or tea tree essential oils. You probably already know that I'm a lavender freak, so that would be my fave, but both of these oils work well to add an extra dose of cleaning fortitude. So, give it a try!

Money saving tip o' the day: Buying essential oils online is almost always cheaper than heading to your local health food store.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cleaning Tile Floors with Hydrogen Peroxide

And finally...Peggy just sent in this email with another peroxide cleaning tip. (We all love those - I'm a bit obssessed with hydrogen peroxide right now. I have a gorgeous green sweater with a streak of bleached out-edness to prove it, too.) Send me any tips you have for peroxide, everyone - to Or questions, ideas, etc, etc. I'm glad to hear from all of you.

Now, here's Peggy's tip du jour: "I use peroxide on my tile floors. It lightens the grout as well as a good clean for the floor. "

Love it! You could dilute it, or on floors that need a really good clean, the undiluted 3% variety is probably just fine. Just watch out for bleaching out your clothing! (I was using a heavier duty hydrogen peroxide at the time, so you'll probably be pretty safe with 3%...but I'm just still mourning my sweater. And whining about it, apparently.)

One Day Left -- eBay Auction for a Signed Copy of No Hassle Housecleaning

Come on over and check out my eBay auction for a signed copy of No Hassle Housecleaning. I know, I know, the excitement of it all is killing you, but go check it out nonetheless. ;) Thanks guys!

Cleaning Ceiling Fans - Give it a Whirl!

This blog idea was inspired just about fifteen minutes ago, when I was finishing up my bowl of oatbran and flax (don't scoff - fiber and I are very dear friends) and looked up. Waaaay up. To the ceiling fan. Which looked disgustingly neglected, which in reality it has been. Ah ha! The little lightbulb in my head went on, and therefore this post was born of necessity.

If you have a ceiling fan, get a sturdy chair or stepladder to ease your way up there, and then use a dampened rag or microfiber cloth to clean out all the gunk and mess. (Please, be careful! I don't want anyone falling down and hurting themselves.) Word to the wise: place some large garbage bags down on the floor beneath the fan, so that you're not left with a messy floor to deal with too!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Stain Removal Song for this Sunday Morning (Remove Tea and Coffee Stains)

I love coffee,
He loves tea,
We love hot bevvies,
But the stains bother MEEEE....

Yes, I actually did sing that as I typed it. :) How sad. Feel free to roll your eyes.

Right, so if you're a tea or coffee drinker then you're also well aware that the beverages taste delicious, but the stains they leave behind in our favorite mugs and cups are far less charming. I've found three things that help remove those nasty stains:
  1. Baking soda - the old favorite is a star again. Scrub with baking soda and a scrubby pad.
  2. Table salt - same thing, but a little grittier for even more difficult stains.
  3. Barkeepers Friend - The hardest, oldest stains are no match for this cleaner. When I was writing my book, I researched this marvelous powdered cleanser and discovered that it's derived from rhubarb. Hmmm. And here I always thought rhubarb was just good in pie. Wrongo, it's also good for scrubbing stains away (and cleaning your stainless, copper, etc...but I'll try to remain on topic here.)

Plus, a little scrubby pad called 'The World's Greatest Scrubbie' is available in many kitchenware shops. At the store where I work part-time we sell them for around $2.99. I always use that when scrubbing away stubborn beverage stains -- so keep an eye out for them in your locale. They're little rectangles of rainbow colored cleaning extraordinariness. (IF that's even a word.)

Right, now, go grab a coffee or tea and don't worry for even a single moment about any stains to come. :) Have a lovely Sunday while you're at it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fish Oil Follies: Removing a Tough Laundry Stain & Odors (Stain Removal)

I'm rather a huge fan of fish oil pills - I take two every single morning without fail. But, when those little gelatin capsules decide to do some damage, it can be a smelly mess that lingers. Read this email I received from Jennifer K a few days ago:

"Hello christina, my name is Jennifer and I have a question for you, I was doing laundry one day and of all days did not check his shirt pockets, so I did the wash and I found out I left a fish oil capsule in his pocket he didn’t take, now his shirts smell like the ocean, fishy, how can I get rid of this smell? I tried washing it in baking soda, but did not help he smell is still there… please help…"

Okay, Jen, here we go. Oil stains on clothing can in fact be some of the very toughest stains to remove. From your email, it sounds like you've actually managed to remove the stain but have the stinky fishy scent left as an everlasting reminder. (For any of you who have oil stains to contend with - corn starch can be very helpful when rubbed gently into the oil stain to pre-treat before tossing into the laundry. Or, cover the oil stain with a good amount of cornstarch and let it sit and soak up the oil before pre-treating with laundry detergent and washing as usual.)

Here are a couple of options to remove stinky fish smells from clothing:
  1. Add two full cups of white vinegar to your load of wash. Vinegar is a heavy duty natural odor neutralizer and I think it might help to remove that nasty scent. If even that doesn't work -- try soaking in a small container of water with a few cups of white vinegar to neutralize the scent and then wash in the hottest possible water that is safe for the fabric.
  2. Sit out in the sun - the clothing that is! (Although, you can certainly join the clothes if you want to.) There's a wonderfully natural and effective way to remove stinky odors - let the sun at them. Let the clothes sit out on a clothesline and the sun and fresh air may deodorize the clothes au naturel.

Jennifer, let us know how it goes, okay? The vinegar method should work -- and it should get the clothes looking pretty darn clean to boot.

Other Articles of Interest:
How to Remove Lipstick Stains

Dozens of Ways to Use Baking Soda Around the Home

Laundry Tips & Hints

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cleaning Slippers - Slip, Slide Your Way to Cleaner Floors

Have I mentioned lately how much I love these? No? Then here I go.

Microfiber cleaning slippers. You got it - just shuffle your feet to clean the floors. Now that is what I call a happy slob's dream come true...The fact that they're fuzzy and pink doesn't hurt either. We should never take ourselves too seriously, after all.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Tip: Remove Red Wine Stains

I simply love hydrogen peroxide. It's cheap, it's plentiful (available at any drugstore for around a buck or so) and it's a downright powerful little cleaner. Jan B wrote in with a great tip on using it to remove red wine stains.

Jan wrote: "I use peroxide with a dash of Dawn dishwashing soap on red wine spills. But always blot wine spot first with paper towels to remove the excess. Never rub. Then I use a cotton ball with the peroxide and soap and dab until stain is gone."

No Hassle Housecleaning Hint: Just test this in an inconspicuous area of carpeting first, since peroxide also has a serious bleaching effect. And, a big blog of bleached out carpet wouldn't be much better than the wine stain! If you have pale carpet, this should work incredibly well. Thanks Jan, for the idea.

How do you use hydrogen peroxide to clean? Let me know, as I'm working on a new Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning page on