Saturday, October 27, 2012

3 Housecleaning Chores I Actually...Enjoy!

If you've read this blog, you know that I seem to enjoy a (hopefully) goodhearted venting about the different household chores I can barely stand. You know: ironing, mopping...and dusting! But, today as I was scrubbing up a few dishes, I began to see things in a different - and dusty (haha) - light. There are,  amazingly, a few household chores or cleaning tasks that I actually enjoy doing.

Okay, pick your slackened jaw up off from your floor, slobbos. I realize this is pretty heady stuff for a snowy Saturday evening. And yes, it is snowy here. In October. But I digress...I realized that once in a while I enjoy the following cleaning jobs:

  1. Folding lovely clean and fragrant laundry. Now, don't get me wrong - our little household doesn't create the mounds of laundry that many other households do. For that, I am oh so grateful. But, sometimes when I'm folding towels or tucking socks together into pairs, I feel a sense of peacefulness. I wish I could get my laundry even more fragrant in a natural way, though, so that's one thing I'm going to do a little experimenting on. (Will post another time with the findings. PLEASE post a comment if you have a natural way of getting your laundry to smell like something dreamy like lavender.)
  2.   Vacuuming. I don't vaccuum as often as I likely should. (And who sets those rules, anyway?) But, sometimes when I'm enjoying it, I do a little fun dance and boogey along, watching the dirt get sucked up into oblivion. It's not a bad time to think of other things, like laying on a warm, sandy beach. I generally do like chores that allow me to dream - that's what the key is!
  3. Okay, there is no number three. haha I'm kidding. I generally enjoy cleaning up the kitchen. Our kitchen is quite tiny, and I like it that way. If it was too big, with too many things to wipe and clean I'd probably resent it. (I'm weird like that.) But our little kitchen is fairly easy to clean up, and I like the way it feels when the sink is clear, the counters are wiped down with a lovely homemade citrus spray (or a natural commercial one is fine too), and the dishes are all sorted away in the dishwasher or are sitting out to dry au naturel. There's a sense of accomplishment about it all, and a light lingering scent of citrus which must do some weird aromatherapy thing to my brain and cause me to feel a goofy sense of joy. Hey, I'll take it!
So, we all know that there are cleaning chores we hate, maybe even love to hate! But do you have any chores that you enjoy?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Why do microfiber cloths work?

You know that I'm all about simple, laid back and natural cleaning, right? So, I'm a pretty big fan of microfiber cloths. But, I've sometimes wondered how it could be that a simple cloth and a few sprays of water could get a surface really clean.
Check out the wee post I wrote about the miracles that are microfiber cleaning cloths to learn more about these wonderful cleaning must-haves. Do YOU use microfiber cloths? Do you like a particular brand? Post it in the comments!