Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 Ways to Clean Your Home with Lemons

My husband is home sick, so he's been drinking mug after mug of hot lemon concoctions. (And FYI: no swine flu here, I swear.) Lemon with ginger, lemon with mint, lemon and more lemon. So, we've been going through more lemons than usual.

And that reminded me just how incredibly useful this common little citrus fruit really is. I wanted to share with you guys 5 ways to use lemons (and sometimes you can interchange oranges or limes) to clean around your home. Naturally, and with an oh-so-fresh aroma.

  1. Scour it. Dip a halved lemon into regular table salt and use in kitchen sinks, and along countertops as a natural scouring agent. Just wipe the residue away with a moistened sponge. Especially nice in the kitchen as it leaves that real lemony essence lingering behind.
  2. De-Stink It. Natural lemon juice helps de-stink (okay, freshen) your hands and any other surfaces that fish came into contact with. And leave a wedge to serve with the fish, too please!
  3. Bleach It. Lemons are nature's own little bleach machines. Add some fresh lemon juice to white laundry to replace bleach OR make a thick paste of lemon juice and baking soda to scrub stained dishes or plastic storage containers. That powerhouse team of baking soda and lemon juice will also leave those containers smelling sweet and fresh.
  4. Shine It. Add a little lemon juice to any of the natural glass cleaning recipes in my book to get lemony fresh cleaners, minus all the chemicals and additives in commercial varieties. You could even add some to club soda, one of my favorite shiny surface cleaners!
  5. Wash It. This is a cool tip I just found out about, and plan to try later on tonight. Pop a half lemon right into the dishwasher to get sparklier, more delicious smelling dishes. I might try just filling the regular detergent with baking soda, and then throwing in half a lemon and see what happens. However, I almost feel sorry for what the poor lemon will endure...

So, pop over to the supermarket and pick up a lemons. It's more than an aromatic addition to your iced tea - it's a cleaning mighty mouse!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring Cleaning Time - Dozens of Helpful Hints

Okay guys, it's spring cleaning time. This is a time of hope and renewal and blooming flowers and chirping birds. But, in spite of all that loveliness spring cleaning can take the joy right out of spring!

No worries, I want you to check out two important databases of info I've compiled on the Happy Slob site. It will ease your mind and hopefully motivate you to do a bit of extra cleaning to usher spring in!

  1. Cleaning Tips - my fave cleaning tips to make it all easier. Honestly. Includes how to properly clean different flooring types, how to declutter closets and other clutter-prone zones, and even how to find more organizing space in even the tiniest homes.
  2. Cleaning Recipes - how to make your own cleaners, deodorizers, floor washes, etc, etc. Almost any type of cleaner can be made for way less coin at home using all-natural stuff like baking soda, vinegar, lemon and other citrus juices, salt, and other common ingredients.

Remember that these ideas along with the 3-Step Solution you already know about from the book will make spring cleaning a lot less stressful. Bit by bit cleaning is what we're all about, and it really does work! (And doesn't turn you into a raving loonie, which is a definite plus.)