Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Love This, but HATE That...How about you?

Admit it...there are certain tasks around the home that you've never really minded doing. In fact, if you're totally honest there are certain cleaning tasks that make you feel pretty darn contented, maybe even while you're completing them. (All of us like cleaning tasks more once they're done, obviously.)

For me, I really don't mind cleaning dishes. Yes, I do have a dishwasher, and yes I do use it regularly. But I don't even mind scrubbing pots and pans. There's something almost soothing about scraping along that scrubby sponge, letting my hands soak in the warm sudsy water.

What do I hate? I really don't like mopping the floor. Maybe it's because we have sort of ugly floors that are stubborn and nasty to clean. (I think that may very well be the truest reason.) Or maybe it's because the idea of dripping water on my socks is just SO unappealing. (I'm grasping for anything here now, folks.) Or, maybe I just don't like washing the floor, full stop.

The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning even addresses how to minimize the time spent on tasks that we really don't like. Honestly. And, timer cleaning helps keep your cleaning focused and prioritized so that you get stuff done. Even if you don't like it a bit.

Fess up...what is the one task you LOVE to do? And what is the one that you hate more than any other? Leave a comment, thanks!