Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm Going to Ireland!

Hi all,

Things will be a tad quiet around here for the next while, as I'm going to Ireland!! I've always dreamt of going on a trip like this, and now it's coming true. :) I'm as giddy as a little kid!

Anyway, I'll try to share pics and stories about my adventures in the Emerald Isle as soon as I return.

Take care,

Fun Cleaning Tip for Burnt-on Popcorn (using Coca-Cola!)

Here's a quirky and effective cleaning tip if you or the kids get popcorn burnt onto the bottom of a pot. Thanks to Barb D. for sending this one in!

Hello. I came across your web site while I was looking for a way to kill the grass and weeds that are growing between the cement bricks in my sidewalk... I found some intresting things and thought I would pass one to you. If you have kids who like popcorn and are like mine who seem to forget to take it off the burner before it burns to the bottom of the pot and then dont scrub it clean I found this one to work. Pour some of that bottom of the bottle Coca Cola into the pot, enough to cover the burnt part and put it on the stove. Bring it to a boil and let it boil for a few minutes. There is something in the Coca Cola that will lift off the burnt material, it makes it a lot easier to scrub clean with little effort. If the food is burnt on it could take two tries.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Why You Hairy Little Beast, You! Or...Removing Pet Hair from Furniture, Floors and Yourself

Most of you know that I have two cats: one who's mild and sweet, although slightly skittish. (She's part calico, and apparently that's their nature.) The other who's neurotic and outspoken, yet with a real knack for sensing people's emotions. (She puts her paw on my chin comfortingly whenever I feel sad! It quite makes up for her less appealing qualities.)

But, personalities aside, these two share one thing in common - they shed like little beasties. If you have pets too, you'll understand all too well the dilemma of dealing with cat (or dog or rabbit) fur all around your home, your furniture, the floors and even yourself!

Here are a few handy tips to help. And as always, if you have a tried and true pet hair removal tip to share, then please send it on in to me, or just post your ideas here! And remember -- combing or brushing your pet's fur on a regular basis really WILL help with the whole shedding problem.

Getting Pet Hair off Furniture

  • Lint brushes can help - try rolling one on the furniture to pick up loose pet hair.
  • Grab that roll of packing tape (or duct tape also works). Roll a loop of it snugly around your fingers, and use to pick up hair wherever you see it.
  • A rubber glove that's been slightly moistened will pick up extra fur -- off of the furniture and your own clothing!
  • Some vaccuum cleaners (like Dyson) are particularly good at getting pet hair off of the furniture. I still haven't tried a Dyson myself, but I'd love to! If you have a Dyson - email me and let me know if it helps with pet hair.

Getting Pet Hair off the Floor

  • Again, a decent vaccuum cleaner helps. Clean out your vaccuum cleaner regularly to keep it working to its maximum potential.
  • A trick to freshen up the carpet AND grab a bit more of the pet hair off the floor while you vacuum - sprinkle some plain baking soda around the floors and let it sit for about twenty minutes or so. Then get to work vacuuming - you'll pick up more hair AND the baking soda will neutralize any pet odors left lingering in the floor.
  • Try attaching double-sided tape to a sponge-type floor mop, and use this to 'mop' the carpets clean of pet hair!
  • Get rid of the regular old-fashioned broom on even hard floors - a vacuum with a hard floor attachment is WAY more effective at cleaning than any broom I've found.

Getting Pet Hair off of Your Clothes

  • Lint brushes can help - try a few types to find the one that works best for you.
  • Again - rolls of packing tape make useful de-furrers on your clothes!
  • The same moistened rubber glove (just the yellow types that you use to do the dishes) that helped you get the pet fur off the sofa will also remove fur from your favorite jacket. The water helps to ball the fur up, so it's easy to just pluck off and remove.

Hope these tips help, pet lovers!