Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh...and On that Buggy Topic - Mosquito Help??

Hi again all,

And while we're talking bugs (yes, we WERE talking bugs) any of you know the best way to repel mosquitoes? They seem really big, bad and nasty this year! I've heard about Skin So Soft and of course bug repellant...but I'd like to try some more natural ways. Please e-mail me or post a comment!


Homemade Bug Killer Spray - Most Popular Link on the Site Right Now

By far the Homemade Bug Killer Spray is the most popular page on the site right now! Using natural goodies like cayenne and garlic, this is an organic way to get rid of nasty old bugs...

Give it a try and post a comment!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Removing Cat Urine Odors from Carpets - Organic Cleaning Tips

Looky, looky! I just received this fantastic testimonial on using plain old water and vinegar to get out cat urine smells. And I own two cats, both of whom have had occasional 'oopsies' I know very well that particular TANG of cat urine. Ick.

Here's the original post on using water & vinegar to clean carpets:
Here's the email:

Hi Christina,

I actually used the Steam Cleaning Tip of Hot Water and Vinegar and unbelievably it cleaned out a cat urine smell. (my cat was ill and had an accident).

I had tried the commercial solution and it smelled like flowery cat pee LOL. I used the vinegar and water solution in my machine for 3 days straight and even though the vinegar smelled a little ripe, the end result when it dried was no odor, and the carpet was much brighter overall.

Thanks for the tip!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Removing Pesky Water Stains from Wooden Furniture

Two funny (and yet very effective) tips for removing water stain rings from your lovely wooden furniture:

  • Minty goodness - yes, that regular toothpaste (not the gel type) can rub away that water ring! Just be sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Make Mine Mayo - A dab of the oily gooey stuff (again on a soft cloth) will do wonders. Just let it sit a bit, and then it should rub easily away.

After either of these applications, do a regular polish and your wooden tables, nightstands - or whatever - will look as good as new. Easy, isn't it?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

An Update on my Original Happy Slob Dream

-- An Update on my Original Happy Slob Book Dream --

For those of you who have been visiting my website, reading my newsletter & visiting this blog since the beginning of my online journey - you'll remember that my original goal and dream of creating this blog & site was to get my book published. I wanted to get my book published, and when agents were interested, and yet not willing to take me (and my little book) on, I decided to switch things up and prove a point. Not out of anger, but just out a desire to show that my book COULD sell.

So far I've sold over 300 copies of The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning - electronic version. I've had some wonderful responses from people as varied as social workers (who rely on the tips in the book to provide guidance to some of their cases) to arthritis sufferers who thanked me for coming up with simplified solutions to tackle daily cleaning chores that they felt were beyond them. They're not!

Without giving too much away...there's an interesting development brewing with the book right now. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but let me tell you this much - it DOES give me a boost of motivation and inspiration! It certainly has made my Happy Slob skies far bluer! It's reminded me that this book is a good one, and if it helps even a few people - then I'm happy.

To all of you who read this blog regularly, and who have applied my simple house cleaning techniques, I thank you. I hope you'll continue to visit and continue to clean - in our simplified, happy slob way. And I promise to keep you updated on the interesting developments, too!

Thanks to all,

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On A Budget? Homemade Cleaners Save Hundreds!

I love a good bottle of homemade cleaner, in fact my bottle of Squirt, Squirt (aka Very Vinegar) cleaner is the one yellow bottle I cannot clean without! I wanted to do a quick post before I go tackle some Focus Room Cleaning of my own...on the economics of sticking to homemade cleaners!

I'm going to take a few average prices around here of things I DON'T BOTHER BUYING:
  • Specialty cleaners, ie: toilet bowl cleaner or tub and tile cleaner. Total: $10.00 a month
  • Expensive all-purpose cleaners - fancy ones can cost $8.00 a bottle of more! And yes, the lovely scents and swoon-inspiring designs of those bottles ARE tempting. (Trust me, even I'm tempted by them!) But, you can create some lovely scents with natural essential oils or even just lemon or lime juice added to your regular cleaners. $8.00 a month
  • Automatic shower cleaner + refills = Total: $15.00 a month
  • Swiffer refills = $8.00 a month (at least!)
  • Maid service! (haha - sort of kidding; sort of not) = at least $50.00 a month
  • Assorted other specialty cleaners = $10.00 a month

GRAND TOTAL: Up to $109.00+ a month SAVED by keeping your cleaning products simple

By doing your own cleaning (bye bye, little Missy Maid Service!) and sticking to tried and true natural homemade cleaners, you'll save a bundle. And in this ever-tightening economy, those extra dollars really add up, and really HELP!


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