Thursday, June 26, 2008

Removing Cat Urine Odors from Carpets - Organic Cleaning Tips

Looky, looky! I just received this fantastic testimonial on using plain old water and vinegar to get out cat urine smells. And I own two cats, both of whom have had occasional 'oopsies' I know very well that particular TANG of cat urine. Ick.

Here's the original post on using water & vinegar to clean carpets:
Here's the email:

Hi Christina,

I actually used the Steam Cleaning Tip of Hot Water and Vinegar and unbelievably it cleaned out a cat urine smell. (my cat was ill and had an accident).

I had tried the commercial solution and it smelled like flowery cat pee LOL. I used the vinegar and water solution in my machine for 3 days straight and even though the vinegar smelled a little ripe, the end result when it dried was no odor, and the carpet was much brighter overall.

Thanks for the tip!


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Anonymous said...

Yes, vinegar is a miracle worker on cat urine. I have one cat, who, for whatever reason, if we leave the laundry room door open, likes to go on old laundry. So I throw a little bit of vinegar in with the wash and it always removes the urine smell!

When I thought about doing this a few months ago, I was thrilled with the results!