Friday, March 31, 2006

P.S. Clean out that Handbag/Purse

Forgot to mention - today's mini challenge is: to tidy out that nasty handbag of yours! (And mine. I tear up just looking inside my own...) That's right - dump the contents out, sort through all that miscellaneous garbage and only put the essentials back inside. Tell me what crazy stuff you find in the mess!

Today is Newsletter Day

Yeehaaaaaw! You know you've been wanting another Happy Slob Gazette Housecleaning newsletter...and today that request shall be granted. :) I'm going to set off to prepare a lovely new gazette for you to enjoy.

If you read the blog but DON'T read our free cleaning newsltter, you're missing out on pure cleaning bliss. (Well...maybe not quite all that, but it's NEARLY that good.) So, pop over and join. Yes, I mean now! (Ooh, pushy aren't I?)

Easy Garbage Can Neutralizers

It's Friday! Early Friday too...not even 6 a.m. here! I wanted to get online and get some work done early. :) So don't mind any typos here today, as I haven't had my morning java fix yet.

Right...Garbage Cans
I can hear you now: "Ick, mine smells disgusting." Or..."Do we need to talk GARBAGE on a beautiful Friday morning?" Yes, we must! There are two ways I've found that helps to keep the beast from smelling its monstrous worst:

1. Liberal dashes of baking soda at the bottom of the garbage can -- every time you change the garbage bag.

2. Use the Very Vinegar spray to spray the inside of the garbage bag once you pop it into the trash bin. Why? It helps to neutralize odors too - I just tried this myself for the first time yesterday and it really does help a bit. :) Sure, it smells like vinegar, but isn't that nicer than some other odors that could seep out?

And now I'm off to make a coffee. :) You'll likely find my next post even more energetic in tone. hehe

Slobs unite! Get your copy of the Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning today at

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gourmet Coffee Shop Creations

It's Wednesday - mid week - and you may very well need some gorgeous caffeinated drink to give you that energy boost you need for today's cleaning bursts! :) Check out the great recipes on my recipe site, all of them delish coffee drinks - even a Starbucks clone or two!
Coffee Shop Style Coffee Creations

P.S. Have a cool coffee tip to share? Send it to me OR post it in a comment right here, right now! lol

Daily Shower Cleaner Spray

This one was submitted by Debbie - and is one of the most popular forumlas on the happy slob site! :) It replaces the commercial shower cleaning spray that is so popular...and I think it works just as well!

Our Collection of Baking Soda Uses

Our Collection of Baking Soda Uses

:) As a happy slob, I love cleaning with natural stuff rather than nasty chemicals whenever possible. Baking soda is an absolute must - so click on the above link to see our collection of baking soda's growing all the time!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yes, 5 Minutes CAN Make a Difference

(Imagine me with a cheesey motivational speaker voice. That will help with this post immensely.)

You CAN accomplish whatever you set your minds to, slobbos! Have you started implementing the 3 Step Solution yet? Why not? Do you think you DON'T HAVE TIME? You think you're too set in your slobbery ways to ever change?

Even just 5 minutes can mean a lot! And please...if I can change, you certainly can. I'm the slobbiest of the slobs. Try it today - put 5 minutes on your handy timer and tidy up the areas you use the most in your home. (Being caffeinated also helps!)

You'll see that even if you only have a few minutes, it all adds up to pretty darn decent results. :) And yes, later on when you have a bit more time you can do more than just this cleaning burst. But until then, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Great Bathroom Cleaning Secret

Sent to me from Debbie. :) I love getting these types of hints!!

I have something that I do in the bathroom every day that helps keep the dirt at bay.

I'm not sure if you've already gotten this tip, but if not, then here it is.

When I take my shower, I keep the shower door closed so that the mirror gets nice and steamed up. After finishing the shower, I take some paper towel and wipe down the mirror. Then, with the damp paper towel, I go along the edges of the tile on the wall, wipe down the sink counter, outside of the toilet (tank and base where all that dust accumulates), and bathtub edges. Then I quickly run it over the floor to pick up all the dust and hair that seems to magically appear no matter how much you clean.

All this takes no longer than 5 minutes and helps keep my bathroom from looking disgusting.

Hope this tip can help someone.

Monday Morning's Baking Soda Tip

It's Monday!
Wow, that sounded nearly enthusiastic, didn't it? :) I know Monday mornings aren't fun, so I posted two LOVELY goodies for you over at The Happy Slob's Bargains for you to sink your teeth into. Here's a hint: one makes you SMELL irresistible, and the other makes you LOOK irresistable.

Okay...back on topic:
Today's baking soda tip is to use baking soda as a produce wash! I take a small handful and scrub it all around fresh fruits and veggies under cold running water. Works great on apples in particular, since it gets off a lot of that gunky wax residue. Give it a try - this tip absolutely works.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baking Soda Tip of the Day

Baking soda tip of the day: Replace the powdered cleansers like Comet with baking soda. Ta dah! Pour it into an old shaker-style bottle (like you keep spices in) and shake it out anywhere you would normally use a powdered cleanser -- it works great in sinks and tubs. :) Cheap too, which slobbos LOVE. (At least THIS one sure does.)

Another Rust Remover

Tammie wrote:
"While this is not a homemade recipe, another good rust remover is Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner. We lived in a home that our well had a lot of iron content and a rust ring would appear 20 minutes after cleaning, as well as eating up my toilets. I figured if it would clean the rust out of my toilet that I'd try it on my sink and it worked! It will even remove rust that has been there for a long time. Just figured I'd pass this along.
Thanks for all the great tips in the newsletter!"

Thank YOU for the tip, Tammie. :) I likewise passed it along...maybe someone can make good use of this tip!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lori's "Secret" Cleaning Weapon

You guys are the coolest! Look at the cute email I received from Lori...

"Am I slow, stupid or something?

My newest cleaning weapon/tool is the brush attachment for the vacuum.It does a wicked job on cleaning about anything.

Last week, I used it to swipe the carpet edges along the wall, hardwood floors, vinyl floors, hard to reach woodwork on windows and doors, air vents.........anywhere I wanted to vacuum with the crevice tool normally.....but this is much more effective since it has more suction and little brushes to help move the dirt!

Is this some big secret weapon that no one told me about? LOL!

Thanks for sharing your tips and secrets with us!

I appreciate it so much!"


Aww, shucks. :) Thanks Lori - that's a fantastic tip. I would try it myself, but my vacuum is currently on strike. (After a few minutes of use it sighs and stops. lol Sort of like myself...) But I will try it soon!

P.S. Haven't visited my website yet? Take a look at and see what all the fuss is about!

Please rate the Happy Slob Blog!

Hey you guys,

It's Friday! Yippppee! And...I have a small favor to ask of you loyal slobbos. Would you please take a moment and rate this blog at :) I'd really appreciate it!

Rate the Happy Slob Blog

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Neighbor's Cat Using Front yard as Litter box

Here's an email from Amy, who's asking for our help:

We live in a duplex and our neighbor's cat is using the dirt in front of our house as a litter box. I am wondering if there is something I can spray in the dirt or something that would make the cat not want to do that. It is the same dirt that my kids like to play in and now they can't because of the "icky". I don't want to hurt the cat (or the soil or my kids) and am hoping someone will have a natural remedy! Unfortuneately, good ol' communication won't help because our neighbor is not very nice. Thanks!!

Please post a comment if you can help!

Is your Decluttering Done?

Hey slobbos,

:) So, how did YOU do in our latest decluttering challenge? Did it help you to declutter and organize a space in your home?

Remember, that with decluttering and organizing, it's good to set small and reasonable goals - say, a closet or cabinet to organize rather than an entire attic, or something like that. Sure, the attic might be your longterm goal, but for us happy slobs it can be PRETTY intimidating to tackle a huge challenge like that all at once! So, just set one area as your first goal - let's say one particular corner of that attic - and then gradually work your way around the entire room.

As for me -- my bedroom closet is looking a bit better. I plan on starting another decluttering challenge next week, and have it a regular part of this blog and the Happy Slob website. We slobs need all the help we can get!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution Works

Look at one last email I got, this one from Denise:

We had new carpet laid this past summer in two bedrooms. The lady that sold me the carpet said the only thing she recommended to clean the carpet with was vinegar. I figured, who would know better than someone who deals with carpet day in and day out.

We got a new carpet cleaner this summer and the salesman said he would never use vinegar. You can ONLY use the cleaner that is recommended by the manufacturer of the carpet cleaner.

Well, we have only used vinegar and it is amazing how clean our carpet is and this is with four cats in the house!! So, you are so right to recommend this!!!!


Want the recipe Denise is talking about? is your lucky day! ;)

P.S. Looks like Denise has that same 'exclamation mark disease' that I'm afflicted with. hehehe

Our Feet Are Handy Cleaning Devices

Ellen wrote this, concerning the EASIEST scuff mark removing method EVER:

Christina - This is truly the easiest method I've ever found (thanks to a boyfriend years ago...). To remove black scuff marks from floors, just rub them with your (or your kids') sock-covered foot. Athletic-style heavy terry may work quickest, but any sock will do. No bending! No hunting down a cleaning solution!

Thanks Ellen...I'm all about COZY feet while we clean too. Check it out:

A Better Microwave Cleaner

Janis sent me this great email:

Hi Christina,

Though I love your de-gunking microwave sponge trick, another way to make the inside of your microwave sparkle without polishing it with elbow grease is this:

Put 2-3 rounded tablespoons of baking soda in a 4-cup microwave-safe container. (I use a 4-cup measuring cup.)
Add 1 cup (only) of water and stir.

Put container into microwave and heat on high for 4-5 minutes. (This will bring the solution to a vigorous boil for several minutes, allowing the baking soda steam to coat all surfaces.)
Remove cup and wipe off all surfaces immediately.Cooked on mess comes of easily. I just finished doing this a few days ago, and I am still dazzled by the clean shine of the inside of my microwave. What fun!


Another great idea? To get your copy of the Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning, of course! Get one today at

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Are you guys receiving the Bloglet emails?

Hi all,

One quick question for those of you who signed up to receive the email updates of when new posts are made on this blog. Are you guys receiving the Bloglet emails in your email? You should get one a day with updates...but I keep getting error messages and I don't think it's working.

Let me know, okay? :) Thanks!

P.S. If Bloglet keeps acting wonky, I'll need to set up something better. We slobbos need contact! lol

Happy Slob Diversion: Wacky eBay Auctions

Do you guys LOVE ebay like I do? :) I adore scrounging around for bargains OR for wacky auctions.

So, check out my new blog where I'll be listing a wacky auction everyday! So far I have one about
a lonely peanut (LOL -- it's so cute), and one about a most unusual charitable work -- the save a brick

And don't worry - this is family-friendly content, so your kids might get a kick out of these crazy
auctions too!

Cleaning the Edges of Carpet

Look at this great tip I just got...

Hi from Florida,

Know what else you can do with a brand new toilet brush...or an old beat up hairbrush? GREAT for running around the edges of carpet where it meets the wall. You would be amazed at the stuff the vacuum misses.

Sunshine enclosed,

Thanks Marilyn, I'm going to DEFINITELY be giving that a try!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Soy Candlemaking 101

Erika sent me this exclusive article, all about making homemade soy candles. :) I have it posted on my OTHER blog at:

Check it out -- she gives tons of helpful advice and tips. Even newbies like me can make candles! And soy candles are a healthier choice for us and the environment. :) Looooooovely....

Monday Morning - Decluttering Check In

Hello, lovely slobbos! And how was your weekend?

Are you still doing the decluttering challenge? If you're feeling terribly UNmotivated this Monday morning (a gloomy one where I'm at)...then just do the minimum 10 item clear-up. :) Not too intimidating, right?

I'm going to keep working on my closet...I've been battling an ongoing flu, so I haven't been as spectacular with this decluttering challenge as I would've liked! But please keep posting YOUR comments so we can all stay motivated!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dishwasher Detergent Alternative

Apparently, there is one useful product you might already have in your laundry cupbard that works GREAT as a dishwasher detergent replacement.

BORAX! Take between 2-4 teaspoons of Borax (more for harder water areas) and dissolve in about 1/4 cup of plain tap water. Fill your dishwasher cups as normal and run as normal too. :) Easy!

:) I'm going to try this tonight and report back to all of you. Tomorrow I'm going to try mixing the Borax with baking soda to see if that works even better! If you try it, please post here...I'm curious to see how it works.

P.S. I have tons of cleaning recipes on my site at Cleaning Recipes I AND at Cleaning recipes II

P.P.S. Fill the rinse agent compartment with undiluted white vinegar. :) Works great!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Use a Toilet Brush...WHERE?!?

Ah ha, now that got your attention didn't it! ;) I knew it would...

It's nothing quite as strange as you might have in mind. Toilet brushes (brand new, spankin' clean ones, I might add -- keep one marked as TUB CLEANER just to make sure) are FABULOUS tub and shower cleaners! Just douse your tub and shower with your favorite cleaner (I often use a homemade cleaner with vinegar) and then you can use the toilet brush to scrub away the mess, without breaking your back.

:) Give it a try, ye doubting'll see that it actually works.

Still don't own a copy of the Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning? Get yours today for the easiest and most FUN cleaning guide ever written.
the Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning

Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm not only a SLOB...I'm also cheap

:) I'm the first to admit it: I'm the Happy Slob AND I'm also cheap. Oh, you can pretty it up and call me frugal or thrifty - but I'm OKAY with the cheap label, because I come by it naturally!

For everyone like me, who LOVES a bargain, I've started a brand new blog at The Happy Slob's Bargains where I'll post all of the most amazing money saving deals I find online! If you have one I should post there, be sure to send it in to me.

Together we'll have our homes tidier, we'll save money - wow, this Happy Slob deal isn't bad, huh?

Less Kitty Litter Tracking

I know, we happy slobs aren't huge fans of cleaning the kitty litter. (I have two cats, so I speak from experience, trust me.)

But one thing that has helped our cats track less litter around the place is placing a mat or even a remnant of carpet right in front of their box. :) Probably makes them feel like feline royalty, too - sort of like rolling out the red carpet after their bathroom activities!

Get YOUR copy of the Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning NOW and see what the fuss is all about...Fun and helpful cleaning advice for all us HAPPY SLOBS.

Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Why do I LOVE lavender? :) Let me count the smells peaceful and soothes your nerves. Plus, it can be used in all sorts of cleaning recipes! Also -- try making a lavender linen spray by adding drops of EO to distilled water in a spray bottle with a light mist setting. Lightly spray linens before bedtime for an extra soothing sleep.

I think I'll get a copule of bottles of this oil - it's a great price!

Day 4 of a candle article

Day 4
Hey guys, time to check in with your latest and greatest on the Decluttering Challenge. So far, how is it working for you? What have you accomplished? Fill us in!

As for me, I NEED to do some laundry today. :) My laundry basket is astonishingly full! (Have I mentioned that I don't LIKE doing laundry? That and mopping are my all time most hated chores around the house.)

It's a snowy, cloudy day here looks sort of pretty, like a grey film has settled down across everything. A true 'sleepy day'!

Hugs to all,

P.S. If you're into CANDLES - check out my other blog at Erika from wrote me an exclusive article on how to make soy candles! :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What IS A "Cleaning Burst?"

When I started writing my book: I knew I had to call intense little cleaning sessions something catchy. What would suggest a surge of energy while cleaning? What would be easy to remember and get people moving?

A cleaning burst! When you're doing the 3-Step Solution (the heart of the Happy Slob's Guide to House cleaning) you'll quickly learn that cleaning bursts are a great place to start. Set your friendly timer -- you NEED a timer, slobbos -- for the time you can afford to spend. Then, grab your trusty cleaning kit and clean like CRAZY for the allotted time. :) You'll be shocked at how much you can get done when you stay focused.

Want to learn all 3 steps of the 3-Step Solution?
Then just head over to

Decluttering Challenge: Day 3

We're already on Day 3 of our current Decluttering Challenge. :) So, how are YOU doing in your CZ (cluttered zone.)

Remember - do a MINIMUM of 10 items today. If you get on a roll and can do a bit more, GO FOR IT! Rah, rah, we're all cheering you on...

Yesterday I actually cleared the floor of my closet, which is my CZ. It was shocking to see the floor again - I think I'd forgotten there was even a floor down there. Today I'll be working on the shelving at the top of the closet -- tons of clothes up there and books and all sorts of sundry things.

I'm so proud of you guys! Keep posting your tips and tell us where you're at with your CZ!!

P.S. IF you haven't already, head over to my Kitchen Crafts 'n' More blog -- I'm posting new lovely recipes, household hints and tons of other cool stuff there every day. But only AFTER you've done your decluttering...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Add Some Fluff to that Down Duvet

Is your poor old duvet looking positively FLAT?
Want to add some fluff?

:) So easy, slobbos!! This is a fabulous, if not slightly STRANGE tip...just toss that duvet or even a quilt, into your dryer on the fluff setting. And then add (ready for this?) - a couple of tennis balls! They work to agitate the duvet, and get it back to its previously fluffy glory. Neat, huh?

Socks on Your Feet Equals a Clean Floor

Socks on Your Feet Equals a Clean Floor

Do your kids hate cleaning? Then put a clean pair of socks on their feet, and let them run around like crazy, 'sweeping up' as they go! :) A fun and easy way to get the floors clean is to pop socks on your kids' (or your own!) feet and do a crazy little floor cleaning dance. You could slightly moisten the bottom of the socks with a spray or two of our Very Vinegar spray -- nothing toxic to soak into tootsies.

And -- you could also use socks on each hand to get LOTS of cleaning done. Double time cleaning, because you can use both hands at once. lol You'll look a bit foolish, but you'll finish the cleaning faster. And THAT is what we Happy Slobs LOOOOVE!

Can't get enough cleaning tips? Drop by our Happy Slob Cleaning Tip Collection at for LOTS of them!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Slob diversion: Facials

One last thing before I head off to sleep...

I just posted two EASY facials to make and pamper yourself with once you've done the cleaning and/or decluttering. One is a facial sugar scrub (so easy -- it only calls for 2 ingredients!) and the other a milky face wash that naturally exfoliates your skin. Both make skin feel silky smooth. Hey, why not treat yourself to a spa treatment at home? You scrubbed the toilet, so now you surely deserve a little 'me time', right?

The two recipes are at:
And even MORE are at:

Have fun, you swanky slobbos! ;)

Day 2 of the Decluttering Challenge

It's Day 2 of Our Decluttering Challenge.

:) So slobbos, how did you do yesterday? And what is your plan for today? Remember - even if you're short on time, it takes only a few minutes to deal with 10 items in your cluttery area. Some of you are focusing on coffee tables -- some on entire rooms. I'm hard at work on (gasp!) the closets in our master bedroom - my hub and I each have one tiny closet...and I'm going to work on both of them.

If you have time, set a higher goal than just 10 items. If you're having a horrible day, then set a lower goal - maybe 4 or 5 items. It will still equal amazing results at the end, even if it does take a little longer to get finished.

I was THRILLED to see so many of you join the challenge! Yay slobbos!!!


P.S. In case you haven't visited, I have a new blog at with cool recipes, delicious treats, homemade bath and beauty foodies, and lots more. Check it out and let me know what you think...

Housecleaning Business - Finding Clients with the Flyer Method

One of the simplest, and yet most effective ways to find new house cleaning clients is the old favorite: FLYERS! With your computer, you can easily whip up some professional looking flyers that you can then distribute to homes and condos in your area - wherever you want to clean. By choosing the neighborhoods you hand the flyers out in, you'll also control the areas in which you'll be working.

What information do you need to include?

- Your contact info - of course, or else how will prospective clients contact you?
- Brief description of your cleaning services
- Include some sort of special offer, to get clients to respond quickly

Some have successfully included specific cleaning packages, and even the prices so that people know EXACTLY what they'll be getting and how much it'll cost them.

Methods like this continue to be used because...they keep working! Try printing out a few dozen flyers today and see how many new clients YOU get!

The Fabulous DECLUTTERING Challenge Begins!

Slobbos, have I got your attention? Your full and utter attention?

Excellent, because starting today we're going on a mission to declutter ONE nasty zone in our homes. :)

Right now -- decide which area in your home is the one MOST IN NEED of decluttering attention. Write it down in big, bold letters on a piece of paper and stick that on the fridge or somewhere else you can see it.

Every day, starting today, we're going to tackle 10 different items in that nasty zone. Some items can be recycled, some can be given away, and yet others will get dumped.

I'm doing my closets -- they're horrible, I'm terrified of them, and they NEED this attention! (See, I told you I was the original Happy Slob...hehehe...I tend to slip back into my Slobbish ways all the time. Then I just read my book over again and get back into my good habits! The book is available at: )

If you're taking part in the DECLUTTERING CHALLENGE - post a comment below with WHAT NASTY ZONE you're tackling, and keep us updated on your progress. :) We'll keep each other encouraged along the way! Yay Slobbos! (That's me doing the cheerleading bit...)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Now THIS is cool...

I'm excited about this -- I just started a new blog for my Kitchen Crafts 'n' More website here on blogger! :) Please drop by -- today I've listed how to make homemade vanilla, homemade vanilla creamer AND two crazy beauty treatments that you'll love. Check it out at:

Bookmark it, comment on it -- just be sure to drop by!

Happy Slob Diversion: Cheesecake

:) Hey, it's 1:00 a.m. in the morning and I've decided to give you guys something BESIDES cleaning to read about. Um, am I the only cheesecake fanatic around here? I got a hankering (YES, you heard me, a HANKERING!) for check out some of the delightful recipes on my recipe site:

Drool...Here's one for Chai Cheesecake - a creamy combination with lots of lovely chai spices...

And, all sorts of others are on this page, including a luscious lemony cheesecake, brownie swirl cheesecake, and a simple 3-Step Cheesecake that is easy but sooooo good:

This is the diversion of the day -- hey, if you did some housecleaning, then you definitely deserve a decadent slice of dessert. :) And yes, you CAN send some to me if you MUST. Hurray cheesecake!

Cheapo Swiffer Refills - Make Your Own

Let's be blunt.

Slobbos = cheapos

:) Or at least I can certainly speak for myself when I say that I love to hold onto every happy little penny I find! So...whenever I can figure out a way to save on cleaning supplies, then I'm going to give it a try.

And I've discovered that you can make your own homemade Swiffer Wet refill pads (or at least something sort of similar) by using those thick blue shop towel paper towels. You can even double it up, and then dip into a soapy water mix with a few tablespoons of vinegar poured in for good measure. Be sure to remove most of the liquid from the homemade cleaning pad before attaching to the Swiffer.

Voila! You have a decent substitute for those Swiffer pads that can get prettty pricey for us happy slob housecleaners. Let me know if YOU have another Swiffer substitute idea to share!

P.S. Head on over to today to read MORE great housecleaning hints and homemade cleaning formulas.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Squirt, Squirt: Less Sloppy Mopping

If you've read this blog before you know I HAAAAAAAAAATE mopping.

Maybe it's because our floors are this strange beigey linoleum that seems to prefer to hold onto every little speck of dirt, as if they've bonded on some deeper level. Or, maybe it's because my cats chase after the mop as I go, and I'd rather play with them than do stupid mopping.

Whatever it is - I hate mopping. BUT -- my husband has a pretty cool way of cleaning the floor that I want to share with you. He's the floor mopper around here, but I'm sure he won't mind me sharing...

=> Use the squirt method! Sounds odd, I realize, but it just means to use your regular old Very Vinegar solution. (Remember - it's just around 1 part white vinegar to 3 or 4 parts plain tap water. EASY.) Keep this in a big plastic squirt bottle that has an adjustable stream -- the strong, waterfun like squirt setting is perfect for mopping up messy floors. And seriously -- kids would have a blast with this!! They'll think this is fun...Squirt an area with the vinegar cleaner.

=> use a mop or a Swiffer (whichever you prefer) to mop it up. Swiffer cleaners CAN be pretty cool, because you can replace the scrubby pads so regularly -- thus eliminating the need for a bucket. I think I speak for all us happy slobs when I say: YEEEEEHHAAAAAA! I hate buckets, unless it's my bright red cleaning kit bucket, which I've come to view as a family member.

So in summary: Squirt the floor, mop it up, repeat. :) Awww shucks, even I could do that...maybe I'll give my hub a break from the floor cleaning this week!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Declutter It: Closets

I know this is not a happy place for happy slobs to be - even considering delving into closets to clean is a frightening prospect for many of us. I practically break out in a cold sweat when I face my own closet -- trust me slobbos, it's not a pretty picture.

Let's tackle this zone the same way we tackle all others - with the philosophy that bit-by-bit cleaning will get the job done eventually. Plus, it's better for our mental health, since we won't have a panic attack that leaves us squealing and running from our homes.

Pick a Number, Any Number
Mine is 5 - Each day until the closets get clean I'm going to tackle five items in that pit of despair. (My husband's term -- he gets full credit for that one!) So, maybe it'll take all of us a few weeks to get the closets looking even slightly organized. It might take a month before we see the closet floor again! And yet...if you hadn't done this, it would still just be that mess it was before. Got it? :) Lots of little efforts DO equal some pretty impressive results. It just requires patience.

Carry on, slobbos!

P.S. Want to see where The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning all began? Then you NEED the book! Head over to download your copy today at: