Friday, March 24, 2006

Lori's "Secret" Cleaning Weapon

You guys are the coolest! Look at the cute email I received from Lori...

"Am I slow, stupid or something?

My newest cleaning weapon/tool is the brush attachment for the vacuum.It does a wicked job on cleaning about anything.

Last week, I used it to swipe the carpet edges along the wall, hardwood floors, vinyl floors, hard to reach woodwork on windows and doors, air vents.........anywhere I wanted to vacuum with the crevice tool normally.....but this is much more effective since it has more suction and little brushes to help move the dirt!

Is this some big secret weapon that no one told me about? LOL!

Thanks for sharing your tips and secrets with us!

I appreciate it so much!"


Aww, shucks. :) Thanks Lori - that's a fantastic tip. I would try it myself, but my vacuum is currently on strike. (After a few minutes of use it sighs and stops. lol Sort of like myself...) But I will try it soon!

P.S. Haven't visited my website yet? Take a look at and see what all the fuss is about!

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