Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baking Soda Tip of the Day

Baking soda tip of the day: Replace the powdered cleansers like Comet with baking soda. Ta dah! Pour it into an old shaker-style bottle (like you keep spices in) and shake it out anywhere you would normally use a powdered cleanser -- it works great in sinks and tubs. :) Cheap too, which slobbos LOVE. (At least THIS one sure does.)


Wendy Cooper said...

Baking Soda is one of my main cleaning products. The sell the Baking Soda shaker containers - Arm and Hammer brand I think - at grocery stores. I bought one and keep refilling it with a cheaper brand of Baking Soda.

Psst - here's a secret - I even wash my hair with it !gasp!. Let me know if you want details! :)


Anonymous said...

I do! I do!! Please, why?? Tell me! :-)