Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution Works

Look at one last email I got, this one from Denise:

We had new carpet laid this past summer in two bedrooms. The lady that sold me the carpet said the only thing she recommended to clean the carpet with was vinegar. I figured, who would know better than someone who deals with carpet day in and day out.

We got a new carpet cleaner this summer and the salesman said he would never use vinegar. You can ONLY use the cleaner that is recommended by the manufacturer of the carpet cleaner.

Well, we have only used vinegar and it is amazing how clean our carpet is and this is with four cats in the house!! So, you are so right to recommend this!!!!


Want the recipe Denise is talking about? is your lucky day! ;)

P.S. Looks like Denise has that same 'exclamation mark disease' that I'm afflicted with. hehehe


Wendy said...

Who can complain about something so natural to clean carpets - Thanks for the information!

char said...

I used vinegar for the first time a few weeks ago in my cleaner and boy, was I happy with the results. It took out a wine stain in just three passes. I had been working on tht stain for quite some time. Vinegar is all I will use now. I used to use clear water most of the time as I found the soap didn't always do the job. The people that I bought the cleaner from also said to use clear water at times.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you use just vinegar in your cleaner or if you dilute it with water?

Anonymous said...

Oops... I didn't scroll down far enough. I found the "recipe" for the carpet cleaner. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I dilute mine with warm water and it works great!!

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Anonymous said...

Re vinegar & water --- what is the ratio of vinegar to water for the mix? Thx