Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is your Decluttering Done?

Hey slobbos,

:) So, how did YOU do in our latest decluttering challenge? Did it help you to declutter and organize a space in your home?

Remember, that with decluttering and organizing, it's good to set small and reasonable goals - say, a closet or cabinet to organize rather than an entire attic, or something like that. Sure, the attic might be your longterm goal, but for us happy slobs it can be PRETTY intimidating to tackle a huge challenge like that all at once! So, just set one area as your first goal - let's say one particular corner of that attic - and then gradually work your way around the entire room.

As for me -- my bedroom closet is looking a bit better. I plan on starting another decluttering challenge next week, and have it a regular part of this blog and the Happy Slob website. We slobs need all the help we can get!

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stampindoc said...

The computer/craft room is coming along nicely. My sister spent about 8 hours yesterday and i worked the 3 hours that I had available between office hours and a evening of teaching at a university. 4 bags of trash went to the dumpster and there is a nice little pile for charity. Found my living trust papers and other important things. They will now get a home worthy of their status. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!!!