Friday, March 31, 2006

P.S. Clean out that Handbag/Purse

Forgot to mention - today's mini challenge is: to tidy out that nasty handbag of yours! (And mine. I tear up just looking inside my own...) That's right - dump the contents out, sort through all that miscellaneous garbage and only put the essentials back inside. Tell me what crazy stuff you find in the mess!


Elsie said...

O.K. You're on! Here's the stuff that won't go back inside:

* Credit card receipts dating back to 3/19 (those would've come out in a couple weeks anyway)
* 2 ATM receipts, now properly recorded
* 2 ball point pens
* A check dated 2/26 "You'll get it next time I see you" (I'll mail it today.)
* A foamie scrap from Sunday school
* Religious brochures that the kids picked up at church even though we don't need them
* Souvenirs from our vacation back in September 2005
* Candy, now in the bowl in the living room
* A business card from the oral surgeon
* A paper scrap with a friend's e-mail address
* A name tag
* A receipt that is so old that the writing has rubbed off
* Two raffle tickets (we lost)
* The folder for a gift card that was redeemed last Sunday (the prize for volunteer of the month at school!)
* a plastic doohickey
* an empty sandwich bag (looks like there was a sandwich in there once)
* another sandwich bag with candy wrappers and a small ball--a kid's goody bag from some party that I can't remember
* A green balloon
* a jewelry pouch
* a scrap of paper with a DD7 doodle
* a freebie pencil from a local bank

Yikes, that was a lot of junk! Does this count as my Focus Room for today since it took more than 5 minutes? ;-)

stampindoc said...

My major handbag, a nice large Juicy Couture bag given to me Christmas '04 by my daughter, has a broken piece of hardware. I've been meaning to get it fixed for months. This handbag challenge has given me the impetus to clean it out and take to Nordstrom for repair. It will take 4-6 weeks to get it back. I'll switch to a smaller, lighter purse in the meantime.... which will have the side benefit of allowing an injured shoulder to heal more rapidly.

Dorina said...

Meineke statement; bills; checkbook; lotto tickets that came off fridge yesterday - so old I have to take them to an agent to see if I won anything; pen; listerine spray; listerine pocket pack; wallet; torn receipts; shoprite coupons.

Carol said...

Those aching left shoulders and our well-loaded bags work together in creative harmony.
For two years now I've worked on my 'reduction theory' and now basically use a small swing purse and POCKETS!.
Theres then my large woven wicker and leather shoulder bag that I can toss the swing bag into and other things if the space is needed.
Plus when using my left shoulder or arm I always try to counterbalance the weigth with something in the other hand.
It works, really, but it was a few months before I fully appreciated the benefits. After forty years of lugging shoulder bags it was direly time for a change.
/love ya, HS, from another such.

Anonymous said...

I believe I'll leave out the dog wormer--------maybe even give it to the dog!!!!!!!!!