Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm not only a SLOB...I'm also cheap

:) I'm the first to admit it: I'm the Happy Slob AND I'm also cheap. Oh, you can pretty it up and call me frugal or thrifty - but I'm OKAY with the cheap label, because I come by it naturally!

For everyone like me, who LOVES a bargain, I've started a brand new blog at The Happy Slob's Bargains where I'll post all of the most amazing money saving deals I find online! If you have one I should post there, be sure to send it in to me.

Together we'll have our homes tidier, we'll save money - wow, this Happy Slob deal isn't bad, huh?

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stampindoc said...

Cheap is good, free is better. That will be on my tombstone, for sure!!! I love a good deal too, but that feeds into my clutter problem. So I am making an effort to only buy bargains that I can really use. While doing my big project, I came across 22 rolls of scotch tape. I'll take most of them to my office at work, because we always need take there. Plus, I have a whole bankers box of post-its. So, my big bargains are right here at home for now.