Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 4 of a candle article

Day 4
Hey guys, time to check in with your latest and greatest on the Decluttering Challenge. So far, how is it working for you? What have you accomplished? Fill us in!

As for me, I NEED to do some laundry today. :) My laundry basket is astonishingly full! (Have I mentioned that I don't LIKE doing laundry? That and mopping are my all time most hated chores around the house.)

It's a snowy, cloudy day here looks sort of pretty, like a grey film has settled down across everything. A true 'sleepy day'!

Hugs to all,

P.S. If you're into CANDLES - check out my other blog at Erika from wrote me an exclusive article on how to make soy candles! :)

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stampindoc said...

Still chipping away at the computer/craft room. It is nearly empty now. Continuing to toss that which is unsuable. Will donate some to a home pre-school that my tiny neice attends..... the lady in charge has the kids do lot of arts/crafts, so she is eager to take my cast-offs. I wish the "room genie" would come and poof... all would be done.