Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our Feet Are Handy Cleaning Devices

Ellen wrote this, concerning the EASIEST scuff mark removing method EVER:

Christina - This is truly the easiest method I've ever found (thanks to a boyfriend years ago...). To remove black scuff marks from floors, just rub them with your (or your kids') sock-covered foot. Athletic-style heavy terry may work quickest, but any sock will do. No bending! No hunting down a cleaning solution!

Thanks Ellen...I'm all about COZY feet while we clean too. Check it out:


stampindoc said...

I am a doctor and have to go to our local hospita to see patients. Most of the floors are vinyl or something like it.... and boy do thy ever get horrible scuff marks from all the shoes and gurneys. I have often seen memebers of the housekeeping staff sliding down the halls with surgical booties on over their shoes removing the scuff marks. This really works!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just rub the marks with the sole of my tennis shoes. The marks come off. Loretta

Anonymous said...

Dry paper towel works well also.