Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Declutter It: Closets

I know this is not a happy place for happy slobs to be - even considering delving into closets to clean is a frightening prospect for many of us. I practically break out in a cold sweat when I face my own closet -- trust me slobbos, it's not a pretty picture.

Let's tackle this zone the same way we tackle all others - with the philosophy that bit-by-bit cleaning will get the job done eventually. Plus, it's better for our mental health, since we won't have a panic attack that leaves us squealing and running from our homes.

Pick a Number, Any Number
Mine is 5 - Each day until the closets get clean I'm going to tackle five items in that pit of despair. (My husband's term -- he gets full credit for that one!) So, maybe it'll take all of us a few weeks to get the closets looking even slightly organized. It might take a month before we see the closet floor again! And yet...if you hadn't done this, it would still just be that mess it was before. Got it? :) Lots of little efforts DO equal some pretty impressive results. It just requires patience.

Carry on, slobbos!

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HappySlob said...

P.S. No the number cannot be one! :) I was just waiting for one of you to ask me about that...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I signed up for your newsletter, so, let the happyslob start convincing...