Thursday, March 16, 2006

Decluttering Challenge: Day 3

We're already on Day 3 of our current Decluttering Challenge. :) So, how are YOU doing in your CZ (cluttered zone.)

Remember - do a MINIMUM of 10 items today. If you get on a roll and can do a bit more, GO FOR IT! Rah, rah, we're all cheering you on...

Yesterday I actually cleared the floor of my closet, which is my CZ. It was shocking to see the floor again - I think I'd forgotten there was even a floor down there. Today I'll be working on the shelving at the top of the closet -- tons of clothes up there and books and all sorts of sundry things.

I'm so proud of you guys! Keep posting your tips and tell us where you're at with your CZ!!

P.S. IF you haven't already, head over to my Kitchen Crafts 'n' More blog -- I'm posting new lovely recipes, household hints and tons of other cool stuff there every day. But only AFTER you've done your decluttering...


Anonymous said...

How do i read the comments posted about decluttering,few days earlier.My friend said she had posted a comment on monday. i cannot find those comments of day 1 /day2..please is it possible to view them.

HappySlob said...


:) Yes, if you go to the main page of this blog - at you'll see a list of old topics on the left hand side of the screen. If you click on those - for instance the day 1 or day 2 of the challenge posts - then you'll be able to see all the comments.

Hope this helps!

stampindoc said...

Day 3........ what a mess I've made. I have about 80% of the stuff moved out of the computer/craft room. And i'm continuing to purge as I move things. This evening I tossed 10 business-sized check registers. I don't use them (I use duplicate checks to keep track of where and how much spent and I enter everything into Quicken) and I'm sure they have been sitting on that shelf for at least 2 years. I see them every time I get out a new set of checks but never bothered to take the time to toss them. So, now they are gone!!! I think there is a lot of stuff like that. So, onward I go.

Angie said...

Ok, well, it's Sunday night now and I completed the goal I set to do by the end of tomorrow (Monday). Got through 3 boxes in my office AND have 3 garbage bags full of shredded papers and other junk I found in those boxes. Oh and in the hall, I have a big box full of items to either sell or give away. Whoo hoo!

I'm feeling great about this decluttering challenge. I hope to empty at least 2 more boxes by the end of next weekend. Yippie!

How is everyone else doing?