Friday, March 31, 2006

Today is Newsletter Day

Yeehaaaaaw! You know you've been wanting another Happy Slob Gazette Housecleaning newsletter...and today that request shall be granted. :) I'm going to set off to prepare a lovely new gazette for you to enjoy.

If you read the blog but DON'T read our free cleaning newsltter, you're missing out on pure cleaning bliss. (Well...maybe not quite all that, but it's NEARLY that good.) So, pop over and join. Yes, I mean now! (Ooh, pushy aren't I?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey im new to the group but i think i have found my soulmates!!! i have 3 boys and a grand angel, and NO time to clean, the cleaning bursts are right up my alley !! i have one hint ive used for years thought i would share it, EFFERDENT!yes efferdent the denture cleaning tablets, you can use it in a sink of warm water for washing your girly stuff, it cleans and whitens, the thermos your hubby carries his work coffee in all grungy and black inside? fill with hot water and 2 efferdent tablets, let it sit till the water cools, dump and rinse shines like new! stuck on food in a pan? an efferdent and hot water, loosens it right up.i have to wear white uniforms to work, a few efferdent tablets in the washing machine helps to keep them white,
would love to hear what you guys think ! thanks for bringing the hate to clean crowd together!