Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Socks on Your Feet Equals a Clean Floor

Socks on Your Feet Equals a Clean Floor

Do your kids hate cleaning? Then put a clean pair of socks on their feet, and let them run around like crazy, 'sweeping up' as they go! :) A fun and easy way to get the floors clean is to pop socks on your kids' (or your own!) feet and do a crazy little floor cleaning dance. You could slightly moisten the bottom of the socks with a spray or two of our Very Vinegar spray -- nothing toxic to soak into tootsies.

And -- you could also use socks on each hand to get LOTS of cleaning done. Double time cleaning, because you can use both hands at once. lol You'll look a bit foolish, but you'll finish the cleaning faster. And THAT is what we Happy Slobs LOOOOVE!

Can't get enough cleaning tips? Drop by our Happy Slob Cleaning Tip Collection at for LOTS of them!

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