Friday, March 31, 2006

Easy Garbage Can Neutralizers

It's Friday! Early Friday too...not even 6 a.m. here! I wanted to get online and get some work done early. :) So don't mind any typos here today, as I haven't had my morning java fix yet.

Right...Garbage Cans
I can hear you now: "Ick, mine smells disgusting." Or..."Do we need to talk GARBAGE on a beautiful Friday morning?" Yes, we must! There are two ways I've found that helps to keep the beast from smelling its monstrous worst:

1. Liberal dashes of baking soda at the bottom of the garbage can -- every time you change the garbage bag.

2. Use the Very Vinegar spray to spray the inside of the garbage bag once you pop it into the trash bin. Why? It helps to neutralize odors too - I just tried this myself for the first time yesterday and it really does help a bit. :) Sure, it smells like vinegar, but isn't that nicer than some other odors that could seep out?

And now I'm off to make a coffee. :) You'll likely find my next post even more energetic in tone. hehe

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