Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Few More Baking Soda Uses

* Use a scrubby sponge dipped in a combination of salt and baking soda (about half and half) to scrub your wooden cutting boards clean.

* Add to the load when you're doing laundry to help neutralize smokey odors - or ANY odors.

* Use baking soda and a little water (make a paste of it) to get off crayon marks on floors and walls. That grittiness of the baking soda really works well on this.

* That same paste of baking soda and water will remove scuff marks from the floor OR from your shoes.

* And finally, that SAME baking soda and water paste - used with a scrubby sponge - will remove those really nasty goopy bug splatters from the front of your car!

Want even more baking soda uses? I have LOTS of them at:

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Anonymous said...

You know another GREAT way to get crayon off walls........a paper towel or soft cloth and spray the cloth with WD40....wipe crayon off walls. I have used this on crayon for years with my 3 kids. It works GREAT! I promise you wont find an easier way to remove crayon from walls.