Monday, February 13, 2006

Job Jars for Kids - Cleaning Tips

My Mom was very clever at getting me - the Happy Slob, after all - to clean. In my family we called that big old glass jar a 'Job Jar' and in it were little folded bits of paper with a different chore listed on each one.

All I had to do was reach in grab one of those pieces of paper - tasks varied from small cleaning chores easily done in 5 minutes to ones more involved, maybe like helping Mom vaccuum the house. Then, when the task was done I got to my favorite part -- the reward!

Another jar was set aside with even more bits of paper - this time with the rewards written out for a job well done. These varied from a trip to the ice cream store to little rewards like helping Mom bake some of my favorite cookies or getting to stay up 15 minutes later that night. :) Hey, to a kid those things are great!

Try this with your children to turn dreaded housework into a fun task with a reward at the end.

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Aurelia said...

WOW What an awesome idea. I have 4 children here ranging in ages from 6 - late Teens. I bet this will go over well.