Monday, October 01, 2012

Why do microfiber cloths work?

You know that I'm all about simple, laid back and natural cleaning, right? So, I'm a pretty big fan of microfiber cloths. But, I've sometimes wondered how it could be that a simple cloth and a few sprays of water could get a surface really clean.
Check out the wee post I wrote about the miracles that are microfiber cleaning cloths to learn more about these wonderful cleaning must-haves. Do YOU use microfiber cloths? Do you like a particular brand? Post it in the comments!


Dawn Xtreme carpets said...

The micro-fiber cloth has been one of the best things that I have gotten for my cleaning business. Never knew they worked this way.

Anonymous said...

I buy my microfiber cloths in the car care aisle at Walmart. They are much cheaper that way. I am retired but still clean for a couple of people and use microfiber all the time. I do use either dish soap or Mr. Clean with them however just because I feel it cleans better than just water but for dusting at my house I use water for finishes that aren't real wood or have a high gloss finish.