Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The State of Your Handbag - It's Time to Clean out that Purse!

Yes, it's time again for one of our famous handbag hauls - as in, hauling out all of the inevitable junk that has accumulated in our purses! Dump the contents out and mercilessly chuck stuff away - just be sure to keep any required receipts for your files. (I've been known to get a little too enthusiastic and throw away a receipt I really should've kept!)

Okay, one, two three - dump! And then...declutter that purse until it looks brand new. Speaking of which, a little wipe down with some of our Very Vinegar spray on the outer surface (for synthetic surfaces) wouldn't go amiss either, since the germs that gather on the bottom of our handbags are some of the most plentiful.

Have a few extra minutes after that purse is shining and tidy? Then work on your wallets - a spot where receipts, coupons and snippings can seemingly procreate all on their own.


Sitter Sue said...

I don't do this near enough. I'm not one of those women who change purses to match each outfit. When I finally do clean out my purse, I am absolutely amazed at how much stuff can fit in there!

Cleaning Leather Furniture said...

Reading this post reminded me that I've been meaning to clean out that bag for months!! I should definitely put handbag cleaning on a schedule. Thanks!

Clean Popo said...

There really is nothing quite like cleaning out a purse! Makes you wonder when you pull out a movie ticket from 3 boyfriends ago. haha