Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baking Soda Miracles - Cindy's Use for an Accident in the Car Seat

Thought everyone would really enjoy this amazing email I received last week from Cindy. Just LOOK at how great baking soda really is! It saved her an arm and a leg in cleaning costs (not to mention the hassle...)

Hi Christina,

One day after a long day at the fair my son (who refused to use the public washroom) fell asleep on the drive home. Well... the seat of the car was really, really soaked when we finally got home.

I didn't want to add water to send it further into the foam of the seat so I ran for the baking soda. I covered the wet area with over a half box of baking soda and waited until morning.

The next morning I vacuumed up the powder and believe it or not the smell and the stain were almost completely gone. I misted the area lightly with water and covered with baking soda again.

The smell and the stain were gone... like it never happened!


Baking soda uses directory, which I'm adding to all the time: -- if you have a use that isn't listed, send it in to me! More household hints at - enjoy!

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