Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Product Review: Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs with Dawn

Today's Product: Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs with Dawn

What it claims:

  • Cascade with ShineShield helps stop permanent etching damage before it can start. (Etching is the permanent cloudiness on the surface of glassware.)
  • With regular use and proper dosing, Cascade with Shine Shield neutralizes the harsh effects that can cause etching.
  • Fast acting formula activates on contact to quickly and easily clean tough grease
  • Works to clean even tough food stains and dried on food

What I found:

  • I LIKED this stuff. The funky little see-through packets contain a detergent layer and a clear bluish layer - that's the Dawn layer apparently. I found that it was most effective at getting my glasses cleaner and clearer, so their claims of helping with etching was TRUE. With time, it got better and better.
  • I didn't find these dishwashing detergent packets worked as well on the claims of cleaning even dried on food. I specifically tried to put some plates in the dishwasher that had some dried on food, and it got a little off, but definitely not all. I would still always recommend scrubbing that stuff off first. (But, I'm okay with that. I have yet to find a dishwasher detergent that really DOES get off all dried food matter from the dishes.)
  • I liked the convenience of this product...it's easy to just pop one of these little suckers into the dishwasher detergent compartment and be done with it. And let's be honest, sometimes cute products get our attention, and these little space age-like packets with their two layers are cool, and as cute as dishwasher packets can get!

My Happy Slob Housecleaning Rating (out of 5)

3.7/5 = 74%

Try it out for yourself, with this $1.50 off coupon: http://www.startsampling.com/sm/20483


jule said...

These dishwasher pacs may be cute but they are a danger to children. Kids like to pop the suckers & can do damage to their eyes. Personally I would not use them.

marilyn christine said...

I do like to use them and always take care to have them put away if our gkids come- I find they do a good cleaning although some times I do have to rinse- 4 out of 5 for me too-- and also thanks Jule for the headsup re kids---I know when we had kids at home we had to do things differently and avoid some cleaners--huggles me

HappySlob said...

I agree with you Jule - always be careful when storing any cleaning supplies, and keep them out of reach of children. :) Thanks for mentioning that.