Sunday, October 08, 2006

More Information on Cleaning up Pet Accidents

Right, so here I am writing again about cleaning up pet accidents, because for some reason my poor little kitties have a bit of an issue with this. :( Not exactly fun for me either, but I think I've finally figured out why they continue to wet in one area, near their litter box.

Cats and dogs too for that matter, have extremely sensitive little noses, meaning that once they've had an accident somewhere, it sort of smells like home to them. Or at least the toilet. And, they think that means a green light to continue peeing or pooing anywhere around there that they so choose!

I purchased a bottle of Home Thymes Mandarin Coriander All-Purpose Cleaner, having read that natural citrus essential oils are something cats naturally hate. (I've seen this firsthand by the disgusted looks on their faces when I peel an orange and the strong-scented oils from the peel naturally sort of squirt all over the place.) I thought THIS would finally be the solution to my pet's mis-directions when they're using the potty.

:) And guess what? I think it is! I recommend this cleaner even if you DON'T have pets with problems aiming. (Or don't have pets at all.) I liked it because it contains natural ingredients, real mandarin, lemon and orange essential oils and a great scent that lingers nicely. (Not overwhelming, but definitely adds a nice scent to whatever room you use it in.)

I'll keep you up to date on whether this stuff really does the trick! A bottle cost me $9.99 here in a PS -- yesterday at work a lady bought some of the Kumquat Lime home spray & hand lotion, so I thought I'd mention that everyone was going NUTS about how great that happened to smell! Here's some more info on those if you'd like to check it out:

Home Thymes Kumquat Lime Hand Lotion

Home Thymes Kumquat Lime Home Fragrance Mist Room Spray


Justy said...

This sounds like a great product! Were you able to find it in a store in Canada or did you order it up from the States?

HappySlob said...

I got it in Canada. :) It really is great stuff.