Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cleaning a Grill or Raclette

So, have you guys seen a Raclette? Do you know what it is? :) At the kitchen shop I work in, we're selling tons of them - a raclette is basically a party grill. It takes the concept of fun, sociable cooking from fondue and adds a grilling element - it all adds up to a really fun evening.

But, indoor grills and Raclettes can be difficult to clean. Swissmar, which produces the Raclette that we sell, also sells little cleaning brushes that are specifically designed to clean the grooves of the grill - I would recommend trying a special brush like that for your indoor grills too.

Generally, a bit of soapy water on the grill, then allowed to sit for a little while, will help loosen grease and gunk that has collected. Enjoy your grilling!

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Anonymous said...

before my indoor grill decided to die, I would put some paper towels on it and spray it down with the vinegar and water solution. Unplug it and let it sit and steam while we ate, was a lot easier to clean afterward.