Friday, October 27, 2006

A Handy Tip to Keep Dishcloths Nice and Fresh (Not Sour and Stinky Smelling)

This is a tip I've been using for years, and I recommend it to everyone at the kitchen shop where I work. To keep your dish cloths nice and fresh and clean (without needing to bother with bleaching) try this: wash your dishcloths in the dishwasher! Place them on the top rack, using a cup or small plate against the cloth to leverage it and keep it lodged securely in place.

Run the dishwasher as normal, adding whatever detergent you normally would. Every time you un-load the dishwasher, remove the nice clean and fresh dish cloth and put your dirty one in with the dirty dishes. You'll have a revolving system of two dishcloths, and you'll never have to worry about bleaching them clean again! And you'll find that they smell nice and fresh - never sour and stinky.

:) I recommend this idea to people all the time -- try it once, and I know you'll be hooked.

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