Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rah Rah - Have You Done YOUR Cleaning Burst Today?

The 'rah rah' is to get you guys good and motivated! All it takes is three steps to complete a cleaning burst - a 'burst' of energetic cleaning that gets an amazing amount accomplished in surprisingly little time.

  1. Set your timer for the time you can afford to spend. Don't be cheap though - set it for the amount of time you REALLY can afford. Let's say 10 minutes. (Need an amazing timer? My favorites are: West Bend Timer which clicks easily onto any pocket...or the CDN Big Digit Timer which is easy for anyone to easily see AND operate.)
  2. Grab your cleaning kit and get going! The time, it is a'wasting! Remember to tidy up all the areas that your family and/or friends see the most. A cleaning burst is NOT the time to spend organizing your forty-five boxes of craft supplies. No way, this is when we get down to some serious everyday tidying.
  3. Once that timer rings, you're done. Make it a goal to do at least one cleaning burst everyday. Your home will thank you.

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