Thursday, March 27, 2008

Swiffer Wet Mops - this Really Makes Mopping Easier

All of you know that I try to stay away from chemicals and commercial cleaners as much as possible. Instead, I always prefer to make it myself - using real and natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, salt, natural soaps, etc.

But, I was getting frustrated with my lack of mopping skills. Or rather - I was getting frustrated with my MOP! My husband (who to be fair probably mopped more than I ever did) and I tried a variety of mops, but to no avail. I just couldn't find a style of mop I really liked, and that did a job I was pleased with. All I wanted was a clean floor, but both the boat-style mop (the ones with long yarny threads - a traditional mop) and the sponge-type mops just didn't float my boat.

So, I gave in and bought a Swiffer Wet mop. I have to tell you - I love it! It came with one wet mopping cloth and two dry cloths. I don't mind sweeping the floors with a broom, so I won't be too worried about using those dry cloths (although I did try and it did a pretty good job.) But, the wet mopping cloths are really good.

So, I had a bit of a dilemma - how to have the EASE of the Swiffer mop, without having to use their refills all the time? I'm sure that a regular dishcloth or even one of those blue heavy duty paper towels (usually used in body shops) would work just fine. So, I'm going to be experimenting a bit...I think that dunking a clean, fresh dishcloth (or other smallish towel) in a sink of soapy water with a squirt of fresh lemon or lime would be ideal for mopping the floor. I'll be giving it a try and letting you know how it goes!

If you have more ideas on Swiffers, post a comment! Or email me at christina at

Happy sweeping and mopping, slobbo darlings!

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Kaiti said...

Oh I think you my TWIN!
I love my swiffer too!! But my problem is I am a big ole cheepo when it comes to the clothes and refills.

I ended up making my own clothes. I sewed one set for the wet mop, and the other set I crocheted for the dry run.

I sewed 10 inches of velcro onto a 10x5 peice of cloth-use whatever you want, an old towel, extra fabric, an old t shirt cut to size...I doubled my layers over twice and zip zip, zip zip VIOLA` my own reusable mop thing.

The crocheted one? Chain 15 with an H size hook and then make it 30 rows long. Take the end 5 on each side and double it over and stitch it to tuck the ends in.

So far I have about 10 of the wet mop ones and 5 of the dry mop ones....and I'm just getting started.

Oh and the refills for the juice? Cut a hole in the top of the bottle and fill with what you want, then plug it up with a cork.
Take Care and mopping really is easier with the swiffer...if the refills weren't so darned expensive I wouldnt' have anything to complain about