Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Great Tip for Reducing Dishes - One Cup Each

I had to share this great idea that a friend of mine told me about. You know how we all get frustrated with the ever-growing monster that's also called DISHES? She has a great way to reduce the number of 'meaningless' dishes that pile up in the sink, waiting to be dealt with.

She says that each member of her family has their own cup (or glass) that they use each day. When they've used it, they rinse it out and have it ready to re-use later on. It's really that easy! I think the same could also apply to a dish or plate - for all those snacks that we munch on during the day. She also mentioned that a paper towel is often sufficient for holding snacks, and you don't have to dirty any dishes at all.

Thanks for the great tip, M!

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MEME16 said...

this sounds like a good hint but I learned at my hubby's chemo lessons that it is not....when when we use a cup we touch it with hands and mouth and sometimes nose and that cup becomes contaminated and these germs can grow and cause more health problems- a rinse is not sufficient to kill germ that will grow- we may leave food particles on cup if we are eating etc. which can grow into bad germs and cause stomach upsets= best for health to just wash and use a clean one each time------tell those germs to bug off