Tuesday, May 06, 2008

An Easy and Delicious Natural Air Freshener - Citrus Simmer

This is what I like to call my favorite natural air freshener - that actually simmers and bubbles away quite happily on top of the stove! You'll just need some citrus peels (a great way to use up leftover orange, lemon or lime peels after you've squeezed the juice). Add a couple of cinnamon sticks if you like, or even a sprinkling of fresh, whole cloves.

Combine the whole lot - citrus peels and spices - to a small pan of simmering water, and let simmer away and fill your home with a beautiful, natural clean aroma. Especially nice for when company's coming over!

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Boston Home Cleaning said...

I've tried the oil diffusers and they tend to work well in small areas. Another option is to simply boil some water and place a few drops of your favorite scented oils inside. This also works like a charm.