Monday, July 28, 2008

Deterring Cats from Scratching Furniture - HELP!

I'm looking for YOUR suggestions again, because my kitties are driving me bonkers! I have a new couch, chair and office chair. (Hurray especially on the office chair! My old one was so sad and rickety, you would've laughed to see it.)

The couch and chair we've had for around a year, and already we've had to drape blankets on it to prevent our two cats (especially one is guilty as charged, the little monkey) from scratching. I've tried a few natural ideas I've seen posted on the Internet - like spraying the area with lavender. But I think my cats (like me, apparently) love lavender! It didn't help a bit!

Is there any other way to prevent them from scratching up furniture? They DO have a scratching post...I've heard that orange oil might work. Has anyone tried this?

Thanks all!


Mary Beth said...

I've had the same problem. There's a spray that you can get at the pet store - Bitter Apple. It doesn't small bad but kitties and other critters don't like the scent. I have a ferret that I've used it for also. You have to apply it every few days but pretty soon they stop.
I have a cat now that likes to chew newspapers and cardboard. You can't put the paper down for a minute and a corner will be missing.

HappySlob said...

Mary Beth - great suggestion! I'll be on the lookout for that spray next time I go to the pet store.

My one cat loves attacking newspapers too! But, it's just so funny, I can't help but's like she's obssessed and has it in her little brain that she's going to destroy that newspaper, no matter what!

Jennifer said...

Don't have just ONE scratching post. Have a couple they can use. And keep one post near the furniture they scratch. Maybe put some catnip on the post to attract them to it. (unless your cat pukes it up like mine will ugh!)

Having multiple scratching posts has helped us greatly over the years.

HappySlob said...

Thanks Jennifer! Good tip - I think my cats would be all happily loopy over the catnip post idea. hehe I just don't want posts everywhere, but I think you might be right -- I might need more than just one. (The one we have is HUGE = a kitty condo/scratching post. My cats are spoiled! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going through this right now with my adult cat and this morning my kitten started scratching my daughter's mattress, I think I might try soft paws although my sister's cat's vet said they come off (I think he just wants to declaw poor MamaSita).

Kitty said...

Multiple scratching posts, keep the claws trimmed, vary the types of scratching surfaces on the posts (f.ex rope, carpeting, natural wood and cardboard) and for the surfaces that my cats just love and really dont want to leave alone then I mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz lightly..

Loli said...

cats HATE anything citrus. They find it offending. Get some lemons and rub them (or their rinds if you eat them like i do) on whatever is being scratched. Do this pretty often, though, like once every 4-5 days.