Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Spa Favorite is a Surprising Cleaning Tool

The other day I was shopping at my favorite mega-pharmacy store (you know, with everything from OTC painkillers to home decor goodies) and I found something that really caught my attention. Spa exfoliating gloves. Hmm...

The point of these little gloves are to wear them and lather with body wash to do an all-over exfoliating treatment on (obviously) your skin. I wasn't exactly thinking of exfoliating ME with these gloves, but rather the shower and tub walls! These nubby gloves have an interesting texture, I figured, that would make doing your in-shower cleaning a breeze! (Remember...the easiest way to NEVER slave over tub and shower cleaning is to do a little cleaning every time you're in the shower. A scrub scrub here and there, and cleaning is done while your hair conditioner is silkening your tresses.)

And voila - it worked! These little babies, lathered up with a little body wash worked perfectly to clean the shower and tub surfaces, even getting right into the cracks and crevices of the grout lines with ease. I loved how easy it was to clean with these, and would suggest you guys all pick up a pair. They were $2.49 at the Shoppers Drug Mart I shopped at, and were located by all the loofah sponges, and shower body poufs - puffs?

Make cleaning your shower easier than ever with this spa-inspired tip!


Wanda Metcalf aka; TXBlueEye on Twitter said...

This does work I have actually been doing thhiis for about 2 years now. I also have a pair I use to pet the itty she loves it!

HappySlob said...

Oh yeah, good idea about petting the kitty with these! :) It would help to get rid of loose fur and also probably feels like a spa treatment to them too!