Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cleaning for the little Happy Slobs Among Us - Cleaning for Kids

I couldn't help myself...look at how cute this little cleaning set is!! Maybe this will motivate all the Junior Slobbos among us to pick up their broom or duster and get cleaning with Mom, Dad or Grandma. I don't have children, but if I did I would buy this in a heartbeat.

What is YOUR best cleaning tip for cleaning with kids?
Post a comment to let us know!
Have you tried the timer technique with your kids to 'limit the suffering', and remind them that their cleaning tasks can only take a few minutes a day?


ashley said...

It is good to get kids started at a young age learning the value of having a clean home.

Kolorkist said...

One of my friends actually uses bribery to get his little monsters to clean up after play times, seems to work but they're getting a little chubby from all of the cookies.

Reclean said...

I always encourage my kid to clean it up faster, and see in how much time he can do.I offer him a surprise, if he could do it in lesser time.Now, he tries to help me in all cleaning. :)

michael said...

i take my kids ipod from them until they have cleaned up their mess.after 3 or 4 times no problem

Jianna Gonzalez said...

Keep on blogging.