Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Recycled Scrubber...Or, Does Your Scrubby Have a Strong Scent?

Weird title line, right? :) I've got to keep you guys guessing!

I had one friend tell me that she keeps and re-uses her ---wait for it--- mesh onion bags as a scrubber!! Sure, she's even THRIFTIER than I am, but I gave it a try and lo and behold - the thing actually works.

Just bunch it up and use as is, or use a rubber band or twist-tie to keep the mesh-bag together and ready to use. Worked well as a scrubber on my kitchen sink and the few dishes I had left waiting to do.

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Pearlie Mcilvaine said...

Well, that’s one way of putting your used mesh onion bags to work! Hehe! Actually, I’m also using a mesh onion scrubber. I even customized it into a ball scrubber using my crochet hook. The finished product is even better than my old scrubber! =)