Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Fridge Looks FAAAAABULOUS...How About Yours?

I know, fridge cleaning ranks up there with toilet cleaning and colonics (oddly related, as it happens.) So NO - it's not our favorite chore around the house. BUT, after doing a cleaning spree on the fridge, you'll be so pleased with yourself and your gleaming new kitchen appliance, that you'll likely spend long, loving moments just glancing in for no reason at all - just to see the sparkling surfaces.

So, how do you get your fridge clean? Here's what I just did, and it worked fantastically well:

  1. Clear out the sides first, and spray VERY liberally with our Very Vinegar spray. (Just a healthy splash of either regular white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in a clean spray bottle with a variety of mist settings. I'd say about 1/4 vinegar and the rest regular tap water. You can add a squirt of nice liquid soap in there for good measure if you like. I've been doing that lately, with very good results...I like natural grapefruit or orange liquid soaps.)
  2. Now head on over to the main part of the fridge, and clear that out as well. While you're dealing with the middle, the sides are getting scoured clean with very little effort by the Very Vinegar spray you already doused all over it. :) See how this works? I like as little effort on our part as is humanly possible! Spray the shelves of the fridge and the sides.
  3. While that's doing its work, you can spray the outside of the fridge, and make sure to clear off the top of the fridge too. If you're anything like me, it becomes a cluttered collecting area for mish-mash and junk...I'm still unsure how all of those things get there, but they're naturally drawn together apparently!
  4. Go back in with a scrubby sponge and scrape away the gunk and grime. I like using a clean dry towel or paper towels to make sure I get it really clean. Wipe up the outside of the fridge too, now that the Very Vinegar cleaning spray has also done its magic out there.
  5. Put all the food back in the fridge. In about 10 minutes - or about 2 commercial breaks between your favorite TV show - you'll have a sparkling clean fridge. For an extra nice touch, add an open box of baking soda to keep things nice and fresh longer.

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Jackie said...

I have been thinking how to clean and freshen my fridge and glad I come to your blog. Thanks for the tips!