Friday, November 23, 2007

Hear Ye, Hear Ye - I KNOW You Need to Clean out the Closets

How do I know that you need to clean out a closet or two? Because I'm a happy slob too, of course, and I certainly know that I have an overflowing closet to conquer. So, this weekend I challenge ALL of you to tackle one overwhelming closet. I'm going to provide plenty of help on this challenging endeavour:

7 Tips on Cleaning and Organizing Your Closets will give you help and motivation to get going.

Turn on some toe-tappin' music to get your motivation and inspiration at a high, and then get started! You'll find plenty of help with the above help sheet to get you started and KEEP you going until that messy old closet is looking brand new and gorgeous.

Let me know how your closet conquering goes, slobbos!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! For once I actually beat you to it! Man did that make me feel good and I followed all the ideas and suggestions just before you posted it! I now have a place to stash all the Christmas goodies so I don't have additional clutter around in my room or any other room for that matter. Thanks for the ideas and tips!

Anonymous said...

Finished cleaning out a guest coat closet but then i started a few days ago so that isn't saying much but i sure would like to clean out the pantry this weekend, it is the size of a walk-in closet so think that would qualify for the challenge

HappySlob said...

Hey you two,

:) I love that you both got involved in the challenge! Hurray to you both!

Take care,