Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Laundry Tips and Hints from Readers

None of us exactly feel THRILLED to look at the ever growing piles of laundry in our laundry baskets. So, the best way to get the job done is to - well - DO IT already! Here are some fantastic fresh laundry hints from readers, and of course I just posted some of my favorite laundry hints at http://www.happyslob.com/laundry.html which should also inspire you.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send in some laundry tips!

Keep up...so you don't have to catch up!
from Lisa:
"The best thing to do with laundry to keep it flowing is keep it going! If you work outside your home, as I do, put a load in the washer in the morning as you're getting ready. When/if it's done before you leave, throw it in the dryer. When you get home, throw another load in the washer and fold the other at the dryer. If you keep it moving, you'll never get behind. It's always easier to keep up than catch up!"

Another Laundry/Vinegar Fan
from April in Texas:
"My favorite fabric softner is white vinegar! It is cheap, enviromentally friendly, and helps those colors stay bright."

Got Spots?
from "C":
"f your laundry is getting spots, cloudy marks, switch your powdered detergent to liquid."

Detergent Recommendation
from Robyn:
"For front loaders......... Have them buy Affresh!! Works great. Sell it at any Home Depot!"

Do Towels Last...and an overall cleaning motto that I love!
from Lisa:
"I like to wash towels last, at the end of the day.
Then when I am tired of doing laundry, I can just let them sit in the dryer until morning(or afternoon) and not worry about wrinkles because I have hopefully done the clothes that wrinkle earlier in the day.
My motto-do the hardest, crummiest jobs first and get them out of the way, then coast through the rest feeling
great accomplishment."

Amount of Detergent to Use
from Sandy:
"I read somewhere that you do not use more soap to clean better or more soap to more clothes, but you simply use the amount of detergent according to the water level you have chosen.

If you have not used this already, it has been useful information to me, as I have always thought you should put more detergent for extra dirty clothes. Too much detergent will cause your clothes to wear out faster and also if you see a lot of lint in the dryer, that is a sign that you are using too much soap. (I may have got this from you happyslob) THank you!!"

No, thank YOU Sandy! And all of you for these great tips!

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Nancy said...

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