Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've Found It! The Perfect Cleaning Kit Container

Now, your cleaning kit container can be made out of just about anything. I use a great big old red bucket - it's sort of a rectangular thing, and it has a sturdy handle and I can fit all of my fave cleaning supplies in there, no sweat. (Well, when I start cleaning I might sweat...but no need for details, right?)

But, I've often searched for a cleaning kit container to recommend to other slobbos - one that I felt was JUST RIGHT. My search thus far has been rather unimpressive, and I've never found anything that inspired a great big, bad burst of cleaning. Until now!!!

This lovely creation was something I set eyes on a few weeks ago at the kitchen shop where I work, and I was instantly smitten. THIS Oxo Good Grips cleaning caddy would be the perfect recommendation for slobbos everywhere who were in need of a good cleaning kit caddy! Sadly, we quickly sold out (before I had the sense to buy one for myself!) - but you can get yours for only $7.99 via Amazon. An amazing bargain!

There are a variety of compartments to hold cleaning formulas, spray bottles, cloths and paper towels, a duster, and so on. It is a beautifully sturdy creation, so it will stand up to years of rough and tumble treatment during your cleaning bursts. I'm a big fan of Oxo Good Grips products, and this one takes the cake (or shall we say, takes the broom?) I hope a few of you will get one for yourself, and make good use of this beautiful cleaning caddy. Enjoy it!

P.S. The little photo in the ad does this caddy no justice at all! Click on the ad to see more pictures...


Phyllis said...

Be sure to read the review - this caddy is good only for small containers.

HappySlob said...

Hi Phyllis,

Thanks for the feedback. When I saw this caddy for myself, it looked like a perfect size - not too big or too small. But I suppose if someone has oversized cleaning bottles, it might not fit everything.


Mansi Desai said...

I agree with the other commenters...this one won't help for the load of cleaning I have!