Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Morning - Got my Coffee - and a Tip for You Happy Slob Housecleaners

Hey all!

It's Sunday, and my coffee is just finishing perking...(hold on one moment, while I go grab a lovely fresh cup!)

There, that caffeine boost will likely help with inspiration for this post...I had a simple cleaning tip to share with you - and by TIP, I do mean a pointy wooden tip. Confused yet? Today's tip involves wooden skewers!

I've found that this inexpensive little kitchen must have (check out the other kitchen MUST HAVES that I swear by ) is a handy, efficient little cleaning tool. The other day I used one when cleaning up the kitchen sink, using that pointed tip to dig up all the disgusting grunge all around the edge of the sink. Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty what I managed to get out of the edge of the sink, but wow did the sink look great after! (Easy sink cleaning formula: scrub out the inside with baking soda and a wet cloth, rinse well; spray down with our Very Vinegar spray and wipe out with a paper towel. Occasionally do the skewer trick along the edges to get out all the dirt and grime that get stuck in those hard to reach areas.)

Wooden skewers are also handy for:
  • unclogging drains (especially if you have long hair like I do)
  • Cleaning edges of the stove
  • Cleaning edges and hard to reach little areas of almost any appliance in the kitchen!
  • Cleaning along edges of taps and faucets - it works really well

So that's my tippy/pointy tip for today! Stock up on a few packs of simple wooden skewers and keep them in your gorgeous cleaning kit. And, they only cost about a buck or two for a pack of 100, so they're inexpensive additions! Yay - we all love a good cleaning bargain.

If you have another use for wooden skewers, post a comment and tell us all about it!


Sandy in Florida said...

I have used wooden scewers to reach those pesky bottle bottlms unreachable by the bottle brush. I toss a tiny piece of papertowel in the bottle, add a splash of hot soapy water and gently pick up the dirt that refused ro let go way down in the corner. I also use old chopsticks for this as they are stronger, and I use skewers and toothpicks for those tedious salt and pepper shakers thourough cleaning.

Sandy in Florida

HappySlob said...

Hey Sandy,

Awesome ideas!! I'd never thought of using a skewer to clean out the salt and pepper shaker openings, but that makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing! :) In fact, I'll have to post that out on the blog, too.