Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reader Poll - What is the ONE Area of Your Home You want to De-Clutter?

In an attempt to get more organized and declutter more often, I'd like to hear from all of you on this question:

What area(s) of your home do you want to declutter? What are your biggest organizing challenges? Would regular email organizing tips help you stay focused on your organizing/decluttering goals?

Please post a comment on the blog OR email me at and let me know your answers! Thanks for participating everyone. :)


Anonymous said...

My desk area is the one ongoing never-ending Mt Clutter in my house.

Blue said...

I need to declutter my entire home but I have been fluttering and it's starting to get much better. I think the biggest challenge now is the room we filled with CRAP when we moved in 7 years ago and still have not gone through. I think that I would benefit from daily tips or even seeing what you and other bloggers accomplish!

Mary Beth said...

My worse public area is the kitchen counter where all the mail comes to rest. By the end of the week, it's piled a foot high and then it takes me half a day on Sunday to go through everything. Of course I have my junk room that always has the door closed. It was supposed to be my sanctuary but instead it's stacked with books, magazines and boxes of pictures that need to be organized. I'd love to get it clean and calm so I could use it for restful relaxation.

jackie said...

My craft area is desperately in need of organizing and decluttering. I have so many supplies for my collage work and altered art and sewing projects and only a small space in the corner of my bedroom - I need HELP!
And I would love to receive regular emails on decluttering for ANY part of my small house!
jackie smith

Betty Jean said...

Our children are all grown up so any clutter I have is my own.So if I have not used material in a while Goodwill gets it. Magazines go on Freecycle so does yarn I have not used in a while. Keeps things under control for me.

Jan - queenofkaos said...

I really want to get my kitchen cupboards decluttered so that I can really get my meal planning in gear.

I will be doing them during my weekly declutter day sessions a little bit at a time. I find that works the best for me.

HappySlob said...

Awesome feedback everyone. :) I promise to post more ideas for all of us on decluttering - it's sort of an ongoing battle!

HappySlob said...

Awesome feedback everyone. :) I promise to post more ideas for all of us on decluttering - it's sort of an ongoing battle!

Nancy said...

I am an artist and filing is mentally painful to me. Needless to say, papers are my clutter. To make matters worse, my office is in my bedroom, so my bedroom is swimming in papers. Any suggestions to make the task less painful/more pleasant?

Karen said...

My craft room and den. The biggest challenge is all of the craft patterns & items that have accumulated over the years and my desk that never seems to stay clean of stacks of papers and mail. I think daily tips would be a benefit as well as encouragement to get at the task.

MEME16 said...

the attic which just seems to create a life of it's own
it is kind of the place where we put things we no longer need or no longer want -
and then paper night mares
these two are tied
huggs Meme